Poll Shows Mike Lawler Will Beat Sean Patrick Maloney for Ny House

Poll Shows Mike Lawler Will Beat Sean Patrick Maloney for Ny House: It has been shown by a recent poll that the Republicans have a chance of taking over a Democrat-held congressional seat in New York and, in the process, eliminating the Democrats’ senior national campaign strategist.

An independent poll commissioned by Republican state Assemblyman Mike Lawler shows Maloney, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, with 44% of the vote to Lawler’s 44%.

The poll is being conducted in the newly created 17th congressional district, which includes the northern suburbs of New York City.

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In a potential general election fight, Lawler also leads Bronx state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi, a progressive who is attacking the more moderate Maloney from the left and has the support of socialist Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 47% to 41%.

Poll Shows Mike Lawler Will Beat Sean Patrick Maloney for Ny House
Poll Shows Mike Lawler Will Beat Sean Patrick Maloney for Ny House

Rockland County, as well as portions of the surrounding counties of Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess, are all included in this district.

It’s looking good for Mike Lawler to win the Congressional election and unseat both Sean Patrick Maloney and Alessandra Biaggi.

“In 2020, Mike Lawler beat off an incumbent Democrat in a State Assembly seat where Democrats outnumbered Republicans by a ratio of 2 to 1,” stated pollster Jim McLaughlin.

Mike has won over 16% of the Democratic vote and is leading Maloney and Biaggi in the independent vote.

According to McLaughlin’s findings, both the national and state political climate is harmful to Democratic candidates in this district, with President Biden serving as a particularly heavy burden.

McLaughlin, whose business also performs polling for GOP gubernatorial hopeful Lee Zeldin, the Long Island congressman, opined that the district was “ripe for a Republican win in November” because of voters’ dissatisfaction with the Democrats and their failed policies.

59% of district voters disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance, according to a poll conducted by the Republican Party’s own internal pollsters.

The same proportion of voters (50%) has a negative perception of Hochul, while the proportion who have a positive impression (42%) is roughly the same.

Voters are overwhelmingly pessimistic about the country’s future, with only 1 in 10 believing it is headed on the right path.

Meanwhile, while 41% of people back President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s program, 53% prefer a Republican in Congress who will serve as a check on Biden’s power.

Maloney has found herself smack dab in the heart of the redistricting debate.

The court system invalidated his and the Democrats (who control New York’s state government) plans for congressional redistricting due to partisan gerrymandering.

Because Governor Kathy Hochul gave her stamp of approval to a flawed redistricting plan that aimed to benefit Democrats at the expense of Republicans, it was dubbed the “Hochulmander” by its detractors.

Replacement maps drafted by the courts, however, stoked animosity by potentially pitting Maloney against first-term Representative Mondaire Jones.

As an alternative to a primary challenge from Maloney, Jones is running in the 10th Congressional District, which includes sections of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan but does not include the territory he now serves.

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