Punisher season 3: Is It Coming Back or Cancelled?

The Punisher is An American Marvel web series. This series is based on crime, tragedy, drama, and action. This series adopted the life of a retired marine soldier. His family was murdered based in New York. He wants revenge for his family’s death. It got a massive hit after the release of the first season. It achieved whelming success and got a positive response from the viewers.

Season 1 was released on 17th November 2017 on the online platform Netflix. People were very happy after watching the first season. Then season 2 was launched on 18th January 2019 and got lots of love from the fans. There are no words for its praise and is awesome series.

The Punisher series has 13 episodes in each season. Each episode has a duration of 49 to 58 minutes. We got information from our sources about season 3 that will discuss further in our article and stay with us at the end.

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Punisher season 3 Release: Is it happening or not?

The Punisher Season 3 is creating confusion, it will be released or canceled. Netflix canceled season 3 and will not appear in the future. It was a heartbroken statement made by Netflix. Netflix is a big online streaming platform that has its fundamentals and performance measuring parameters. That helps in taking decisions.

This got a wonderful rating from the IMDB is 8.5 out of 10. It also got a 67% score from the Rotten Tomatoes was excellent. The Punisher series got awesome ratings. It had millions of fans in its favor which was a great thing.

Steve Lightfoot and Melissa Rosenberg were the Showrunners of the Punisher Series. And now we got good news from the Showrunner they are interested in season 3 and they are preparing plate form for season 3. This news gave a smile to the viewer’s faces but they have to wait for the official announcement for releasing. We can expect that the next installment will be released on the online platform Disney Plus at last of 2023 and starting of 2024.

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Punisher season 3
Punisher season 3

Punisher season 3 Storyline: What will be the plot of season 3?

Before The Punisher Season 3, we have a look at the flashback. This is a story of a retired soldier who was dejected by his family’s death. He was working as a marine soldier and was very happy. After six months, Frank castle (Soldier) decided to trace the murderer. He wanted to punish every person who killed his family.

Frank Castle was a punisher in that series in which the culprits were killed by the Castle. Further, he saves a girl from being killed. She was at gunpoint by some persons and Castle took his life risk and save that girl.

This was an action series which is full of thrill. This series has a different type of craze in the public. Fans have no patience regarding  Season 3 and waiting very eagerly. We can expect the next installment story will come with more thrill and action.

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Punisher season 3 Casts: Who will repeat in the next installment?

The Punisher is a very hit series. The casts were praised for their amazing role in the first two series. The expected cats for the next installment are mentioned below:

Main characters

  1. Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle
  2. Ebon Moss-Bachrach as David Lieberm
  3. Ben Barnes as Billy Russo
  4. Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani
  5. Daniel Webber as Lewis Wilson
  6. Paul Schulze as William Rawlins
  7. Jason R. Moore as Curtis Hoyle
  8. Michael Nathanson as Sam Stein

The Supporting Characters

  1. Jaime Ray Newman as Sarah Lieberman
  2. Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page
  3. Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim
  4. Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont
  5. Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix
  6. Corbin Bernsen as Anderson Schultz
  7. Annette O’Toole as Eliza Schultz
  8. Jordan Dean as Jake Nelson
  9. Samuel Gomez as Jose
  10. Jimi Stanton as Todo
  11. Brett Bartholomew as Phillipo
  12. Alexa Davalos as Beth Quinn

Punisher season 3 Trailer

The Punisher Season 3 trailer is still not premiered because we don’t have any season 3 announcement. We hope that trailer will be got shortly still we can watch flashback trailer to refesh our mind.


Rock Diesel

This was by far one of the best streaming series ever filmed. I absolutely love this show and I am still BEYOND disappointed they took these away from us after two seasons each. Pure trash. I could watch 5 more seasons of this show.

Domenico Manes
Jon Bernthal is a great actor. A Perfect Frank Castle. I think he is better than other popular Hollywood actors. I liked all the other characters of this series, all perfect for each role. An honorable mention for Josh Stewart that portrayed an impressive John Pilgrim.
Justin Aeneas
Better in every way than other Marvel series on Netflix. The acting is raw, dramatic, and credible throughout. The story speaks of heroism (who would have thought?) and verberates with passion and depth. And the director weaves it all seamlessly. Brilliant series. Can’t wait for Season 3.


Final Words

The Punisher was one of the best series. The Punisher Season 3 got huge love from the audience. The showrunners are working on season 3 and will be getting good news very soon. As we got any update regarding the Punishers season 3, it will be updated in our article. You can get any updates in our article.

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