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Rachael Leigh Cook Married: Details On Her Love Life

Rachael Leigh Cook Married

Rachael Leigh Cook Married

Rachael Leigh Cook’s performances in films like The Baby-Sitters Club, All I Wanna Do, and She’s All That cemented her status as a ’90s superstar.

Rachael has scored roles in many films since she was a wide-eyed teen fantasy (many of them are Hallmark Channel productions), and she has even become a Netflix favorite.

Many people might be interested to learn about Rachael’s real-life relationships even if she has played numerous love interests throughout the years. What you need to know about her prior relationships is provided below.

Rachael Leigh Cook Was Married To Daniel Gillies From 2004 To 2021

Judith and New ZealandThe Vampire Diaries actor Daniel Gillies from Canada and I met for the first time at a LA bar in 2003. When they initially met, she admitted to Hallmark, “I was checking him out, for sure.”

The two Hollywood babes’ relationship progressed quickly, and less than a year after they started dating, they were married in August 2004.

“We got married incredibly fast,” she stated in a 2013 People interview. “We got engaged after dating for maybe five months and we got married a couple of months after that.”

During that same interview, Rachael spoke on the couple’s decision to delay having children until over ten years into their partnership.

“There was just so much more both of us wanted to do. We wanted to travel and accomplish a lot more in our professional lives,” she admitted.

“We’re both people who like kids, but we weren’t jumping up and down, like, ‘Oh my God, let’s start that chapter of our lives,’” she detailed.

“We weren’t those kind of people. Now that we know what our lives are going to look like — sort of — for the next couple of months, we just felt like it was the right time finally. We’re not getting any younger.”

Rachael underlined that there were no regrets regarding the timing, even though many people were astonished it took the couple so long to start a family.

Charlotte Easton, a girl, and Theodore Vigo Sullivan, a son, were both born to Rachael and Daniel throughout the course of their marriage.

Rachael and Daniel divorced in 2019 after nearly 15 years of marriage.

“With deep gratitude for every year we have spent together and the thousands of beautiful memories shared, we have mutually decided to separate as a couple,”  the partners stated in a statement made public and uploaded to their Instagram profiles.

“This decision isn’t one we have come to easily or lightly. We love and respect each other as parents, people and artists and look forward to maintaining the best parts of our relationship for many years to come,” the statement reads.

The divorce between Rachael and Daniel was legally finalized on March 10, 2021, according to court records acquired by People. According to the papers, neither party will be granted spousal support, and they “will share legal and physical custody” of their children.

Fortunately, Rachael and Daniel have discovered true friendship due to their divorce.

“We’re friends now. We talk about things that we never talked about before because we have this new relationship,” Rachael told Entertainment Tonight in 2020.

“He’ll tell me about dates that he goes on and funny things that might have happened and we genuinely laugh about it,” she continued. “I don’t know. Divorce needs a new publicist. It’s not that bad.”

Rachael Then Started Dating Producer Kevin Mann

Rachael has reopened her heart to love since her divorce. Sparks ignited when fellow actress introduced Kevin Mann, Rachael, and Reboot participant Judy Greer.

“I love his perfect heart. He’s magic … He’s a producer. He has incredible taste. He’s the greatest guy,” she told ET. “He’s fine with working really hard and doing great things and he does so much for other people. And then he will watch unlimited seasons of 90 Day Fiancé with me.”

According to reports, the two declared their union “Instagram official” in July 2021.

Rachael made her sentiments on marriage abundantly apparent in October 2022, though it’s unclear whether they are still dating as of 2023.

“I am the most incorrigible full-tilt romantic you have ever met in your whole life, to the point that it’s probably unreasonable,” she told People. “So yeah, totally open to that happening again.”


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