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Rapper Da Brat is Pregnant at 48 Expecting the 1st Child!

Rapper Da Brat is Pregnant at 48

Rapper Da Brat is Pregnant at 48

Rapper Da Brat, 48, is expecting her first child with wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart. The couple discussed their journey to parenthood and what the pregnancy had been like after initially sharing the news with People.

“It’s been quite a journey,” Da Brat, whose real name is Shawntae Harris-Dupart, said.

“There’s a lot of stuff we learned about women over the age of 40.”

“I never imagined having children,”

The “Funkdafied” artist claimed that she and Harris-Dupart began their journey toward parenting last year when they got married in February. At the time, Harris-Dupart, 41, the CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, was introducing a new line modeled after the well-known protective hairstyles and braids used by her wife and her wife.

Da Brat said:

“It started as a joke, we were like, ‘We’re extending our family!'”

“But then we got a huge response. It was like, ‘Oh my God do we want to actually have kids, and if we do, girl, we better hurry up!'”

Da Brat claimed that she has never considered being a mother. She already had three children from a previous marriage with her wife.

Rapper Da Brat is Pregnant at 48

She said:

“I never thought I was going to have kids,”

“I felt like, because I didn’t get pregnant earlier on, then it just wasn’t going to happen for me.”

She added, mentioning that Harris-Dupart helped change her outlook on motherhood:

“I started looking at life so differently,”

“I was like, I want a little me with you. Something special from the both of us that we can share and raise and love unconditionally.”

Due to the health issues Harris-Dupart encountered after having her egg removed, they ultimately agreed that Da Brat would carry their kid, although Da Brat admitted she was first reluctant. Harris-Dupart said:

“We had a little tug-o-war in the beginning… but I felt like she should have the experience,”

“She is so nurturing.”

Before Da Brat’s embryo transfer procedure, she claimed that she had her own health problems, including having surgery to remove fibroids and polyps from her uterus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these growths are typically benign, non-cancerous, and occur in women.

According to the Office of Women’s Health, women who have fibroids are more likely to encounter difficulties during pregnancy and delivery. Unfortunately, Da Brat miscarried throughout their pregnancy. She said:

“I had never been so excited about something that I didn’t even know I wanted,”

“I fell in love with the idea and then it was all snatched away from me.”

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The couple continued with the remaining eggs and an unidentified donor from their cryo bank despite the miscarriage. Currently 18 weeks pregnant, Da Brat described it as a “gift.” Pregnancy has been a fascinating experience for Da Brat, who stated she and her partner are getting ready to welcome their child into the world.

She said:

“Everything makes me cry,”

“If someone wins ‘American Idol,’ I cry. I’m like, I’m tougher than that!”

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