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Who Is In Reggie White Family? Meet His Wife And Parents

Reggie White Family

Reggie White Family

American football icon Reggie White spent 15 seasons in the NFL as a defensive end. In addition to being an ordained pastor and a devoted Christian, he went by the moniker “the Minister of Defense.” Who, though, was responsible for his legacy and success? Let’s get to know his parents and wife and discover more about his family.

Reggie White Family

Reggie was born to Charles White and Thelma Dodd Collier in 1961. Reggie White was an American football legend who played as a defensive end in the NFL for 15 seasons. Reggie white wed to Sara White in 1985. They have two children, Jeremy and Jecolia. Scroll down to learn more about his wife and parents.

Who Is Reggie White’s Wife?

Reggie White wed Sara White for twenty years until his unexpected death in 2004. When Reggie was a Tennessee Volunteers collegiate football player, they first crossed paths in 1983. Sara attended the same university as a cheerleader and a journalism student. Jeremy and Jecolia were their two children, born after their 1985 marriage.

Reggie’s closest ally and collaborator in his ministry was Sara. She was as passionate about sharing her faith and assisting others as he was. She also helped him in running his businesses and finances. Sara continued to pay tribute to Reggie after his passing by founding the Reggie White Foundation, which awards grants and scholarships to deserving individuals and institutions. She also wrote a book titled The Minister’s Wife, which details her grieving and recovery process.

Sara is a prominent real estate broker and realtor in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the moment. She works alongside her daughter Jecolia, an agent, and has her own business, CLT Residential. In addition, Sara mentors young women and gives inspirational speeches.

Reggie White Death

Reggie White died on December 26, 2004, at the age of 43. Reggie’s cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia.

Who Are Reggie White’s Parents?

Charles White and Thelma Dodd Collier, who were not married, welcomed Reggie into the world in 1961. His mother reared him until he was eight years old, at which point Mildred Dodd, his grandmother, took custody of him. Thelma was a single mother who worked as a nurse and battled to support her son. Terri and Kevin were her two additional children from her second marriage.

Charles was a former football player who worked in factories and briefly played for the Cleveland Browns. He didn’t become active in Reggie’s life until the boy was eleven years old, at which point he got back in touch and began coaching him in football. Later on, he mentored Reggie and became a pastor.

Despite their absence during his early years, Reggie maintained close contact with both of his parents. He gave them credit for teaching him the virtues of generosity, hard labor, and faith. In addition, he held his grandmother in high regard for her careful and disciplined upbringing. Up until she died in 1999, he supported her financially and paid her frequent visits.

Who is Reggie White’s Daughter, Jecolia White?

Actress and producer Jecolia is well recognized for her roles in the films “Reggie’s Prayer” and “The Parkers vs. the Universe.” When Jecolia was younger, she worked as an agent for her mother Sara White’s company, CLT Residential Real Estate. She coupled that position with a term as a Charlotte area high school teacher.

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Who is Reggie White’s Son, Jeremy White?

Jeremy did not sign with the NFL after graduating from university, despite playing college football. In addition, the Philadelphia Eagles invited Jeremy White to participate in the celebrations in October 2023 as they unveiled an updated version of the Kelly Green throwback uniforms. In a classy nod to one of their best players, White was named the honorary captain of the match.

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