Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

Throughout the last few years, the popularity of rap shows has skyrocketed. There were a plethora of rap-related shows, movies, and publications. Rap, if you’ve never heard of it, is a kind of music that emphasizes the delivery of the singer’s voice. Netflix, the largest streaming provider in the world, has added a rap show to its library. Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 is the name of the French Rap program.

With this competition, the French hip-hop stars Niska, Shay, and SCH hope to discover new potential. In this new institution, students will learn everything from composing to producing their music. Those who are fortunate enough to benefit will be able to pursue their dreams of a successful rapping career.

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Storyline

In the program to be launched in June, French people will have the opportunity to try out their rapping skills and see if they have what it takes to succeed. French emcees Niska Shay and SCh of Paris-Brussels and Marseille-Marseille are on hand to offer advice and critique the few aspiring rappers. This trio is on the lookout for newbies who are skilled rappers in their native country and are ready to put on a show for them.

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With your talents, you’ll battle to the top of the ladder, battling to the end. From freestyling and rapping to generating music videos and recording your tunes, this will be an all-inclusive event.

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Cast


Niska, a French rapper who has made a name for himself on the international stage, has been publicly announced. Evry, Essonne is where he’s from. He was born on April 6th, 1994, and is already signed to major labels including Barclay Records.

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2
Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2

He has five studio albums and roughly twenty-one songs to his name, all of which are classified as French hip hop. Several tracks from featured artists and top-ten hits may be found on the album.


A Belgian rapper better known by her stage name Vanessa Lesnicki, rose to prominence in 2011 when her single “Booba” was released. Her first album, Jolie Grace, was released in 1990, the same year she was born. her sophomore album Antidote was released in 2019 with her trademark style consisting of trap, hip-hop, and R&B mixed with pop and rap.


Julien Schwarzer, the French rapper, gets his professional debut here. He was born on April 6th, 1993, in Marseille. Rap and hip-hop are both influences on his music, and he began rapping when he was just 13 years old. A new album, Jvlivs II, came out on March 20, 2021, his final studio effort. Other than that, he has several singles and mixes to his name.

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Release Date

Whether there will be a season 2 update after the publication of season 1 on June 9 is still up in the air. The cast and crew are ecstatic to see how many people are tuning in.

There will, however, be no second season as of just now. On the other hand, Netflix subscribers are eagerly awaiting the June 9th, 2022 release of Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole on the streaming service.

Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of Rhythm and Flow Nouvelle Ecole was uploaded on the official Netflix channel on May 25, 2022. The Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2 release date or trailer has yet to be announced or shown. Season 2’s trailer has yet to be released, but we expect it to do so via Netflix’s official YouTube channel. The trailer for Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole may be viewed here:

Where to Watch Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2?

The show’s upcoming episodes are starting to be broadcast on Netflix on the 9th of June, 2022. Even though there is no update regarding the second season, we are sure it would be Netflix, who shall be the streaming partner. For more exciting content and updates regarding your favorite celebrities, please stay connected with us at Domaintrip.com

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