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Richard Chang Net Worth: How Did He Earn His Money?

Richard Chang Net Worth

Richard Chang Net Worth

Richard Chang, a successful Asian-American entrepreneur, was once in charge of product development at Calvin Klein. Chang was born on May 30, 1984, in New York. His mother and father both hailed from China.

Regarding his education, he went to the Stern School of Business at New York University. He majored in business and photography at the bachelor’s level. Chang was a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity, and marketing society, during his time at New York University.

In 2017, he resigned from his position at Calvin Klein to open the fast-casual taco eatery Un Poco Loco. The role of Chang in Bling Empire: New York on Netflix has made her a household name.

Full Name Richard Chang
Date of Birth May 30, 1984
Age 38 years old
Born Place New York., United States
Profession Business executive
Net Worth $2.5 million
Girlfriend Vika Abbyaeva

Richard Chang’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Richard Chang’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Since Richard has so many skills, it’s not hard to imagine how he can afford to live the lavish lifestyle he portrays on TV. His wealth can be roughly calculated by adding up all the salaries he has earned throughout his impressive career.

Richard, as one of the founders of Un Poco Loco, made an average of $100,000 every year. More than likely, he also still owns a stake in the company. About $160,000 a year was likely his salary as New York’s Head of Talent. His compensation as a Director was probably around $250,000 per year, while that of a Senior Vice President is around $400,000.

Indeed, it would appear that Richard’s role as Chief Growth Officer entitles him to a salary of around $500,000 per year. We estimate that Richard Chang’s wealth is close to $2.5 million, which is a fair sum given his career earnings.

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How Did Richard Chang Earn His Money?

In January 2006, Richard Chang began his career at Barneys New York as a Sales Associate. Up until September 2006, he was employed as a sales associate. After that, he joined FTI Consulting as a forensic and litigation consultant. Chang remained an employee until late November 2009. After that, he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to study Merchandising Management.

He began working for Calvin Klein in March 2010 as the Global Sourcing manager. His promotion to Merchandise Planner happened a year later, in November 2011. Until May 2013, he held the role. At the time, Chang was also the Director of Merchandise Planning at Calvin Klein.

He was given the position promotion in the first month of 2012. Following his departure from Calvin Klein in August 2017, Chang established Un Poco Loco, a firm that offers diners a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

As a member of the organization’s planning committee, Richard has helped organize several events. He has also assisted with menu creation, new brand design, and market research.

Other than that, he helped with things like the strategy for promotion, testing, developing something genuinely original, and utilizing social media. The man departed from Un Poco Loco Limited in February 2019. After that, in December 2019, he was promoted to Head of Talent at NEOU.

In March 2021, he began working for Hastens Beds as their Director. He started working for Sleep Spa in June 2021 as their Senior Vice President. He eventually resigned in December 2021 to take a position as Chief Growth Officer at Hudson Medical + Wellness.

Richard Chang Net Worth

In recent weeks, Richard has been in the spotlight thanks to his role in Bling Empire: New York, a Netflix reality show. When Netflix’s high-end series finally premiered on January 20, 2023, it brought drama. The guest stars are Dorothy Wang, Tina Leung, Lynn Ban, Blake Abbie, Stephen Hung, and Vika.

In recent episodes of the Netflix show, Richard has been seen becoming angry at Dorothy Wang and Tina Leung for not getting IV treatment at Richard’s company, Hudson Medical.

Richard claims on a fundraiser for his mother that they “weren’t even near to prosperous,” but that he views riches as something other than money. He said: “We certainly weren’t poor because we had each other.”

Richard Chang’s Personal Life

Richard Chang is presently seeing Vika Abbyaeva, another Bling Empire cast member. During the first season of the Netflix series, Chang and Vika’s romance experienced some snags. The couple seems to have a good time together as the new season gets underway, and it looks like they are still dating.

The couple has also been seen traveling together. Vika also published an Instagram photo showing the couple on vacation in Italy. Richard also posted an Instagram photo of them shopping at Gucci. Chang’s girlfriend was generally present when he went out on Netflix in the latest season of Bling Empire.

Vika was first unfamiliar with the cast members and spoke very little. Lynn Ban, a different cast member, believes that Richard has brainwashed Vika. In Lynn’s opinion, Vika hides her true self around Richard.


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