Roman Reigns Said, “If It Works Out, Then I’m Ready To Face The Rock At WWE Wrestlemania.”

The potential of Roman Reigns competing against The Rock at WWE WrestleMania 39 has been discussed. When Reigns appeared as a guest on Logan Paul’s IMPULSIVE podcast, he declared he was “ready” to take on The Rock if the occasion arises.

Everyone keeps trying on this one; they keep trying, Reigns remarked. I’m up for anyone, bro. I don’t schedule the show. “If it works out, I’m ready,” she said. Reigns claimed that he takes advantage of any opportunity and that his creative process is “in a rhythm.”

I have been in an excellent groove where these things have just come to me, so I hope they’ll keep doing that. All the important names, all the vast stars, whether from our sector, the movies, or even the internet, seem to have been that way.

Reigns also addressed his use of social media, claiming that he only does so to further his WWE persona. I’m not responding to critics or attempting to clap back; reigns stated, “Now it’s just character stuff solely.”

Reigns spoke about his battles with leukemia, working with John Cena, his family life, and a typical day on the road for him while appearing as a guest for almost the entire 75-minute IMPULSIVE episode.

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