School Bus Slams Into NJ House: Foundation Shaken After Crash!

Authorities claim that a full-size school bus struck a house in New Jersey early on Friday, ramming into it so forcefully that it displaced the foundation and jeopardized the entire structure. Around nine in the morning, a collision happened in West Caldwell, close to Terrace Place and Passaic Avenue.

The bus was empty of any children. After evacuating the bus by the rear emergency exit, witnesses claimed that the driver was led from the scene in handcuffs. Police said that just before the collision, the driver dropped off kids at the three-mile-distance Essex County Vocational School.

The driver, later identified as Anthony Stuckey, 37, of Newark, sustained minor wounds but declined first help at the scene, according to authorities. He was accused of dropping off the youngsters at school while driving while intoxicated and was charged with 15 counts of endangering children, according to the police.

School Bus Slams Into NJ House
School Bus Slams Into NJ House

The impact displaced the house’s foundation and jeopardized its structural integrity even though no one was inside at the time, according to West Caldwell police. With such force, the 13-ton bus slammed into the house, breaking through the floorboards and tilting down into the basement.

The home’s owner expressed his gratitude that no one was wounded or present inside the residence at the time, but that easily could have changed. Siva Thangram said, “If I had been working from home, yes, I would have been there.”

He spent the morning on the Stevens Institute campus in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he served as dean and engineering professor. He will now have to spend some time in a motel until the house can be fixed. The bus was trapped halfway inside the one-story home, its emergency exit door hanging open in the back.

Chopper 4 showed a significant emergency reaction at the scene, with firefighters standing outside on the grass. Later in the morning, the front engine and windshield were utterly crushed when the bus was removed from the house.

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Passaic Avenue neighbors have claimed that the location is risky for vehicles due to the road’s severe turns. A probe is still being conducted.

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