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Servant Season 4 Release Date: What is the Premiere Date for Season 4?

Servant Season 4 Release Date

Servant Season 4 Release Date

Servant Season 4 Release Date: The fourth season of Servant premieres on Apple TV Plus on January 13th, with new episodes dropping every subsequent Friday. Indeed, the first episode of the fourth and final season is devoted to a magnificent set-piece sequence in which the crazy cultists viciously attack Leanne; this scene takes up much of the program and is masterfully directed by rising British talent Dylan Holmes Williams.

In only a few episodes, M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant on Apple TV Plus will come to a close. In January, the final season will premiere, promising to shed light on the many mysteries surrounding the Turner family ever since the enigmatic Leanne Grayson moved in.

In the pilot episode of Servant, a married couple hires a nanny to take care of their kid, Jericho. However, Jericho tragically passed away months ago, and his wife has no recollection of his passing. Nonetheless, things take a bizarre turn upon the arrival of a strange babysitter. With all the twists and turns you’ve come to expect from an M. Night Shyamalan film, Servant is a wonderfully dark surprise.

This article will cover the servant season release date, cast, plot, and trailer. If you want to know about this, read this article to know about the release date, which is given in the below section.

Servant Season 4 Release Date: What Is The Premiere Date For Season 4 Of Servant?

Season 4 of Servant will begin on Apple TV Plus on Friday, January 13 (yep, Friday, the 13th) and will continue to roll out weekly until March 17, 2023. Yes, it begins on the 13th of Friday and finishes on the 17th of March.

Servant Season 4 Episode 2 will release on Friday, 20th January, at approximately midnight (ET)/(PT) and 5 am (GMT). Of course, it’s dependent on how quickly Apple uploads new episodes. Expect this to be pretty close to the release time, though.

The servant is also available with subtitles from its release, with the chapter scheduled to clock in at 25 minutes long. This is given in the section below if you want to know the servant season 4 cast.

Servant Season 4 Cast: Who Is In It?

All four original cast members of Servant will be back for the series finale. Dorothy Turner (Lauren Ambrose), Sean Turner (Toby Kebbell), Leanne Grayson (Nell Tiger Free), and Julian Pearce (Rupert Grint) are just a few of the recurring characters.

In her three seasons as Dorothy Turner, Lauren Ambrose has been riveting. The return of The X-Files saw her portray Agent Einstein; she also starred in Dig, among many other roles and guest appearances.

Fantastic Four, Warcraft, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Wrath of the Titans are just a few of the films in which Toby Kebbell appeared. His time as Sean Turner on Servant is ending, but he’ll soon be seen in a recurring role on another Apple TV Plus show, For All Mankind.

Nell Tiger Free was previously recognized for her roles as Myrcella Baratheon on Game of Thrones and Janey in 2019’s Too Old to Die, Young before she wowed viewers as the intriguing Leanne Grayson on Servant.

As Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, Rupert Grint is a household name, but he has also gained recognition for his work in other high-profile movies, including Snatch and Sick Note, as well as Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Tony Revolori, who plays Flash Thompson in all three of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man films, is also returning for season 4. He is also a star in the new Disney Plus series Willow. This is given in the section below if you want to know the servant season 4 plot.

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Mystery And Suspense: The Plot Of Servant Season 4 Unfolding

The official plot summary for Season 4 of Servant on Apple TV Plus is as follows: “After a tense season three climax, season four delivers an epic and heartbreaking conclusion to the Turner saga. The fight between Leanne and the Church of Lesser Saints escalates, posing a greater and more significant threat to Spruce Street, Philadelphia, and the rest of the country.

Servant Season 4 Release Date

Dorothy’s awakening is a certainty, and the shattered Turner family must face both the growing danger of Leanne and that fact. While the brownstone of the Turner family continues to fall apart, the identities of Leanne Grayson and the kid inside are revealed.”This is given in the section below if you want to know the servant season 4 trailer.

Preview for Servant Season 4

The final season of Servant promises to be explosive, as everything building up in the Turner family comes to a head in the teaser trailer below.

This is given in the section below if you want to know the servant season 4 we watch online.

Season 4 of Servant: Where to Watch Online?

The only way to see Servant is with an Apple TV Plus membership, as the show is an original production from Apple.

Various subscription plans are detailed below. In May of 2022, Sarabeth became a Watch to Watch staff member. Her all-time favorite shows on TV and in the movies are The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, true crime documentaries on Netflix, and anything from Passionflix.

She could watch movies like You’ve Got Mail, Ocean’s Eleven, and Signs all day. Sarabeth’s side gig is hosting a podcast on books and interviews with authors and performers when she’s not working. In addition, she is almost ready to fulfill a long-held ambition of hers: the publication of a novel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Seasons Will The Servant Be?

The sitcom got renewed for a third season in December 2020, just in time for the upcoming second season debut. On January 21, 2022, the premiere of Season 3 began airing. The show was renewed for a fourth and final season of ten episodes in December 2021, before the launch of the third season, and it debuted on January 13, 2023.

Does Leanne Bring The Doll To Life?

Previously, it was implied that Leanne used supernatural means to resurrect Jericho, so relieving Sean and Dorthy of their grief over the loss of their son. However, this was far from the truth.

Is Servant Filmed In A Real House?

The interior of the Turner mansion was recreated in a former paint factory in Bethel Township, Delaware County, for the Servant filming in Philadelphia from November 2018 to March 2019. Some of the cityscape scenes were filmed in the area of 21st and Spruce Streets in the heart of Philadelphia.


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