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Is SF6 Rashid Release Date Confirmed? Street Fighter 6 DLC Characters Leak!

SF6 Rashid Release Date

SF6 Rashid Release Date

Street Fighter 6 hasn’t been available for very long, it appears like Capcom is already preparing for the game’s upcoming major DLC release.

We got our first look at Rashid, The Turbulent Wind, and a new Street Fighter 6 battle pass featuring avatar costume accessories, flags, and other Rashid-themed stuff. Furthermore, Rashid’s appearance in the game may be teased by Capcom as coming by the end of July. You can see here about Street Fighter 6 DLC Characters.

How Soon Will Street Fighter 6 Released?

According to Street Fighter’s most recent tweet, Rashid will be released on July 24, 2023. This might be sad or great news, depending on whether you used to paramount him in Street Fighter V or you just didn’t like his moves.

However, the character is almost here and will shortly enter the roster, so it doesn’t matter which side you are on. Although it was disheartening then, Capcom has taken it in stride to confirm the registration leaks to be accurate, further ensuring the featured Year 1 DLC characters we should expect.

Unfortunately, the whole roster of Street Fighter 6 was unfortunately revealed before the game’s release. The complete list of Street Fighter 6 DLC characters is shown below.

How Many Characters in Street Fighter 6?

Rashid, a fan favourite and Street Fighter V debutant, should be here as soon as this Summer of 2023, with the brand-new character A.K.I. following in the Autumn of 2023. Ed, a returning character from SFV who even dates back to an unplayable appearance in Street Fighter IV, will hit the streets early in the winter of 2024.

Finally (for now), Akuma from Street Fighter II Turbo will make a comeback with an even more ferocious design than his previous appearance in Street Fighter V, undoubtedly prepared to wreak havoc as Ryu’s archrival in the spring of 2024.

Here, you can also look up the release dates for additional seasons:

The DLC crew will gradually be added to the RPG adventure on top of their regular appearance in the rest of the game, and because the entire cast of Street Fighter 6 characters is currently prominent in World Tour Mode, the same can be said for them.

Fans of Rashid and the company’s fighting techniques will be eager to unlock and incorporate them into their moveset in the Battle Hub’s Avatar Battle system.

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