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Shane Hill Murder: Where Are His Killer Now?

Shane Hill Murder

Shane Hill Murder

Michael “Shane” Hill was discovered dead at a farm in May 2008; the cause of death was initially ruled to be an accident. Nevertheless, as the investigators probed further, the evidence pointed to a more severe finding.

Watchers of Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly Affairs: Betrayed By Love: Sinful Nature” will learn why Shane was killed and how the murderers were brought to justice in the program’s second half. Let’s investigate what occurred, shall we?

How Did Shane Hill Die?

In June 1977, Shane, a young man from Boone, Iowa, was born. He enjoyed spending time with Jessica Smith and going hunting. Ultimately, the couple had two children and got married in May 2002.

Shane quit his job as a long-haul trucker and started working on a sheep farm close to Ogden, Iowa, to be closer to the family. Nevertheless, on May 28, 2007, tragedy hit the Hills on that property.

An audibly pained Shane called 911 at 11:10 AM and told the operator that he had accidentally injured himself after discharging his gun. Eventually, Shane dialed 911 twice, once from one county to another, explaining the wounds and recording a gunshot on the second call.

The 29-year-old was already dead when the police arrived. He was shot in the back and shoulder. However, an investigation revealed that the shooting was not an accident but rather cold-blooded murder.

Who Killed Shane Hill?

According to the program, it was determined that the shot shells found at the site did not come from the gun Shane was carrying. Then, a few days after the murder, Patty, Shane’s mother, found some unsettling evidence.

According to what Patty had seen on her computer, Jessica had been messaging Daniel Blair, who had once been Shane’s best friend. Because of the private conversations, there was speculation that the two were having an affair.

The authorities soon discovered that Daniel, Shane’s roommate at the time, and Jessica were living together when Shane and Jessica first got married. The program said that Jessica and Daniel started dating while Shane was out operating trucks.

Unfortunately, he learned of the connection some time in 2005, which sparked a fight. With the belief that the relationship was over, Shane then accepted a position at the adjacent sheep farm. But, communications between Shane and Jessica revealed that wasn’t the case.

Jessica ultimately admitted to the affair in an interview and claimed that she had expressed her desire for Shane to vanish numerous times.

Jessica, however, asserted that she didn’t mean any harm and didn’t believe Shane’s life was at risk. However, phone records revealed a conversation between Daniel and Jessica on the morning of the murder, during which Jessica expressed her desire for Shane to leave.

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“He cautioned me to be careful what I hope for,” Jessica said. Daniel admitted to the police that his roommate Aron Moss was also involved when he was taken into custody. He enlisted Aron’s assistance in carrying out the murder and claimed that Aron had fired the shot.

Where Are Aron Moss, Daniel Blair, And Jessica Hill Now?

Aron was convicted of second-degree murder in July 2008 and given a 50-year prison term. Documents show that he remains a prisoner at the Fort Dodge Correctional Center in Iowa’s Webster County.

Aron will be required to serve at least until 2042 in prison. Daniel, who shared a room with him, was found guilty of first-degree murder and given a life sentence. He is incarcerated at the Iowa State Prison in Fort Madison, Lee County.

Jessica was convicted of second-degree murder in October 2009 and given a 50-year prison term. But in April 2011, a court reversed the conviction after finding that some witness testimony was hearsay.

As a result, Jessica was given a 12-year sentence after entering a guilty plea to accessory to murder and conspiracy to murder in November 2011.

She reportedly joined a work-release program in 2012, and according to records, she was released on probation for a different offense in January 2019. As far as we can ascertain, she still resides in Iowa.



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