Shawn Mendes Delays Tour Due To Mental Health Issues

Shawn Mendes has announced that he would be postponing a number of future shows because he is finding his comeback to traveling to be too much to handle.

Mendes said on social media that the decision “breaks his heart,” but that nearly a decade in the public eye had finally caught up with the Canadian musician.

Mendes explained that he had “reached a breaking point” after returning to touring after a hiatus of several years. “After meeting with my team and health professionals, I need to take some time to recuperate and take care of myself and my mental health, first and foremost.

I assure you that I will keep you informed when new information becomes available.

Shawn Mendes Delays Tour
Shawn Mendes Delays Tour

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As of right now, Mendes’ massive Wonder: The World Tour is scheduled to stretch until the summer of 2023. Starting with tomorrow’s show in St. Paul, Minnesota, the affected tour dates span the next three weeks.

Dates in Washington, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Cleveland are among those that will be affected. Mendes claimed he will continue traveling with his Toronto gig, slated for July 31.

It’s not the first time Mendes has been candid about his own mental health issues. Earlier this year, the “Treat You Better” singer shared a lengthy note with fans, admitting he often “feels like he’s either flying or drowning,” despite the success he’s attained.

I’m worried that if they see the truth, others will judge me negatively. He worried that his readers might tire of hearing from him. Maybe that’s how it is for everyone in their twenties, I dunno; maybe it’s just how I feel.

The truth is, there are moments when I wish I could just go out and be my authentic, true, and distinct self without worrying about what others might think. Further, he said, “The reality is even with so much accomplishment I still find it hard to feel like I’m not failing.”

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