Is It Going To Release Solo Leveling Anime in 2022?

The Solo Leveling Anime is a South Korean animation series. It is based on the web novel and written by Chugong. Solo anime is an amazing, action drama series and the serialization was done on the Kakao digital comic platform on 25th July 2016. D&C Media published it in three volumes in July 2020 full of thrill and action.

Manhwa is a Korean comic that has released a total of 174 pages which is liked by the readers. It got fame worldwide and everyone’s interested in its anime. People are started thinking about the series that will come.

We are realizing the viewers expecting the series adaption and have information about the release are going to discuss the Release Date, Storyline, Cast, and Trailer further in this article, stay with us till the end of this article.

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Solo Leveling Anime

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Solo Leveling Anime Release Status

Solo Leveling comic got the digital platform and is already published. The question that arises here is about the anime series and the market is hot about the rumors of it being adapted for series. This series is adapted for the new anime and its production has started but this is not confirmed by the creators and production that is under production or not.

They are quiet about the series but people are excited about this series. They are openly talking about the series story and discussing the characters. Viewers are giving their opinion about the series on social media. Yes, one thing is clear most of the comics which hit the sky that definitely adapted for anime series. The other reason to release anime is this web novel is completed and has around 174 pages for catching the story.

Every webcomic did not release on-screen but this is a different kind of solo story and is written to observe the viewer’s feelings and thoughts. The writer worked hard and give their best to entertain the readers. We can expect that it is under pipeline for the production and hopefully its official announcement will get soon. It will be a surprise for the viewers and will see the smiling faces of viewers.

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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Solo Leveling Anime Storyline

This story is about monsters and the hunters who have universal spell powers. They fight with the monster to save the human life. All the hunters are not the same some are strong with their magical powers and some can’t survive or even can’t protect themselves from the monster. There was one hunter whose name is Sung Jinwoo is unable to make her life smooth.

One day a mysterious power was blessed Jinwoo with magical power and made him strong than the hunters. One he was injured very badly by the monsters and his wounds started healing on his own. Suddenly he felt that some changes in his body strength increased. After that, he confronted the devils and beat the bad power and monster.

This story looks like Japanese manga series and gives vibes of Japanese anime but when every comic is adapted for anime. They developed before the production and got the complete layout. Once all thing is done, the final product starts. People are eagerly waiting for such anime series and their excitement is not hidden. We hope we get good news.

Solo Leveling Anime Casts

This series is yet to announce, but without clear information, we can’t tell the names of the star cats and vice artists. We are trying to grab starer names and will update the article.

Solo Leveling Anime Trailer

Unfortunately, the anime series release date has not been announced yet, therefore we don’t have any trailer for the Solo Leveling Anime series.


ChibiBlasphem:-Man is speaking and basing his judgment like solo leveling was a manga. It’s not the same market at all. Solo leveling is Korean, not Japanese, meaning that it won’t be as easy as another manga (event unpopular) to be adapted (some Korean novels/webtoons got anime adaptation but it was mainly a try from Crunchyroll and many people didn’t feel what they felt when reading the original). Secondly, the bigger matter is that solo leveling depicts Japan in a terrible manner which could clearly make Japan not want to adapt it.

Final Words

People have a different level of crush for the Anime series and it is raising as an industry that entertains children and youth both. Even old people are enjoying the anime series also and the Solo Leveling craze is still building millions of fan bases. Due to the lack of release date viewers are depressed. We assure you it will hit the screen as soon as possible.

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