Storm Forecast Could Spoil Thanksgiving Plans in the Coming Week

Meteorologists in the country have warned about a predicted heavy storm early next week. It is expected to loom over the central and eastern parts of the country. Even though the forecast is advanced, minute details are yet to be analyzed.

There is a chance that your Thanksgiving plans make go awry due to the weather disturbance. “We could be looking at a huge mess and a real wrench in holiday travel,” AccuWeather chief meteorologist Jon Porter said.

After the pandemic, people have been waiting for the holidays to resume everyday life, but these attempts may not be fruitful. The National Weather Service stated that “this storm remains a prominent weather focus due to its timing right before Thanksgiving, but it will likely still take a while to resolve the details.”

However, there is no prediction of snow in the metro areas of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Heavy showers may, although, be expected. AccuWeather leads long-range meteorologist Paul Pastelok, alerted that, “This storm can bring a lot of rain to the Interstate 95 corridor.” He also added that flooding on streets and highways could result in significant travel delays for motorists.

The various scenarios do not currently paint a clear picture of the movements followed by the shifting bands of the lake effect.

“Even as the storm moves away by Wednesday, airlines could still be dealing with significant prior cancellations with planes and crew members in the wrong place,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said. “This storm has terrible timing.”

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