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SwimZip Net Worth 2022: Is The Company Still In Business?

SwimZip Net Worth

SwimZip Net Worth

SwimZip Net Worth: Children’s UV-protective swimwear and accessories are available from SwimZip. SwimZip is well known for its zippered shirts, which enable kids to dress and undress by themselves. The fabrics used to create Swimzip clothing and swimwear prevent over 98 per cent of UVA radiation, which can result in skin cancer.

Although you should wear sunscreen to shield yourself from AVA rays, have you thought about shielding yourself from these harmful rays penetrating your swimsuit? The next time you purchase a swimsuit, especially one for your child, you might think twice after seeing this new product line developed by the Johnson and Wanless siblings.

SwimZip sells clothing and accessories that are chlorine-safe and have a variety of eye-catching patterns and colours.

Who Is The Founder Of SwimZip?

In 2010, Betsy Johnson and her brother Berry Wanless created the SwimZip firm. In 2007, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound. She then served as a financial manager at Boeing Company till 2009.

\Under Johnson’s direction, Swimzip is still successful, and Wanless is the vice president. It’s impressive how much business experience Johnson has. She founded Swimzip after receiving a radical skin cancer diagnosis at age 26.

She took the risky move of leaving her corporate position to pursue her dream of inventing UV protective clothing after reevaluating her life and career. Johnson understood how frustrating it could be to put on and take off children’s swimwear, but she still wanted to shield her kids from the same tragedy.

When she decided to add zippers to the front of shirts, Swimzip was born. In its third year, Swimzip brought in $525,000, a remarkable 1100% increase over the year before.

SwimZip Before Shark Tank

Swimzip was established by Betsy Johnson and Barry Wanless, two siblings. SwimZip is a range of UV-blocking protective swimming clothing. The SwimZip founders made an appearance on Shark Tank and are seeking $60,000 for a 5% ownership position in their company.

SwimZip Net Worth

Although the Betsys and Barrys take great care to apply and reapply sunscreen, they nevertheless expose their children’s skin to the sun, which increases the likelihood that they will get sunburned. The parents want their kids to enjoy themselves at the pool, but with all the yelling, screaming, and whining, basic sun protection measures can become more of a headache.

Both parents and kids can get sun protection from SwimZip’s selection of protective swimmers. SwimZip swimsuits include a front full-length zipper, which makes them very simple to put on and take off.

98 per cent of UVA and UVB radiation that can cause cancer are blocked by the top and bottom of the tops. SwimZip’s sun protection equipment is simple to put on and may be used by kids without assistance from their parents.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of SwimZip?

In exchange for 5% ownership in Swim Zip, Betty and Berry have approached Shark Tank with a request for a $60,000 investment.

What Happened To SwimZip After Shark Tank?

During the Shark Tank episode, SwimZip received funding from Lori Greiner; however, I don’t think the deal was finalized after the episode. No evidence exists that Lori ever collaborated with SwimZip. The SwimZip blog and store don’t appear to have been altered by Lori, and there isn’t a link to on her website.

SwimZip is a relatively new company that sells its products in numerous stores and has a sizable online store. As of 2022, SwimZip was still operating and was bringing in $5 million annually. Men’s and women’s clothing as well as headgear were also added.

Is SwimZip Still In Business?

The most revealing indication that SwimZip is still operating is that either Betsy, Barry, or a family employee updates their social media pages regularly, employing (free) advertising and promotions like 40% off “Roddie” purchases.

Because they are offered on both their website and Amazon, they offer a wider variety of products. Although I was unable to locate specific sales figures, SwimZip probably does well with the Shark Tank effect and parents’ goodwill if they want to shield their kids from the sun. Hopefully, Betsy and Barry are now self-sufficient.

SwimZip Net Worth

SwimZip was valued at $1.2 million when it made an appearance on Shark Tank. As of 2022, SwimZip has a $5 million market value.

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