Taylor Giavasis Net Worth: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Her 2022

“thenakediaries” is Taylor Giavasis’s best-known online art and photography project. Love and respect for one’s body is Taylor’s message to the world. Women are encouraged to post their tales and intimate photographs of their bodies on their websites. Since Taylor began her ‘The Naked Diaries’ initiative back in 2015, the feedback has been overwhelming.

She quickly became a social media influencer because of her growing fame on the internet. At the time of writing, she had over 335,000 Instagram followers and over 89,000 Twitter followers. Taylor Giavasis is also recognized for her connection with social media star Nash Grier, who has more than 9.9 million Instagram followers.

Taylor Giavasis Early Life & Career

Canton, Ohio is the place where Taylor Giavasis was born on August 10, 1997. she encountered a girl with Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Ohio, where she grew up (BDD). BDD is characterized by a fear of what other people think of one’s appearance. To remedy the situation, she requested her BDD sufferer to pose for her and then took a few pictures of herself.

Taylor Giavasis

We wanted to show her that she had a lovely figure and that she should be proud of it. At this point, a revolutionary social movement was only beginning to take shape. Taylor then turned to social media to encourage others to treat their bodies with care. As a way to urge others to stop hating their bodies, she began posting explicit photographs of her own body online.

She created a website for a project she started in 2015 called “The Naked Diaries.” Visitors are encouraged to share their tales and photos on this site from across the world. The primary goal of this project is to educate women about their unique beauty and complexity. Additionally, Taylor maintains an Instagram account where others can share their photos. More than 158,000 people have liked this page.

Taylor Giavasis Personal Life

At ‘Paris Fashion Week,’ Taylor Giavasis met social media star Nash Grier for the first time. They started dating in 2015 and have been together since. Nash and Taylor have been seen out and about together a few times. Teen Choice Awards, held in Inglewood, California’s “The Forum,” featured them in 2016.

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In addition to offering emotional support, Taylor helps her boyfriend’s profession in whatever way she can. In 2016, Taylor was spotted wearing a ring that fuelled engagement speculations between the two of them. Nikki Giavasis, who is also an internet personality, gave the ring to her daughter through a social media post. When it comes to Indian guru Osho Rajneesh, Taylor was a big follower of his.

Her Twitter page encourages her followers to read the self-styled godman’s books to their followers. She and her boyfriend currently reside in Los Angeles, California.

Taylor Giavasis Net Worth

We estimate Taylor Giavasis’s fortune to be around $500,000 at this time. The majority of her income comes from social media, although it’s been augmented by other sources. Sponsorships, brand marketing, and other activities help her supplement her income.

Her YouTube channel is also a source of income for Taylor. For each post on Instagram, she is rumored to earn $1040-$1733, which amounts to $50-$76k a year.

Social Media

There are a lot of inspirational words and images on Taylor Giavasis’ Twitter feed. As a result, she has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. Taylor has a special Instagram account just for her kitties, in addition to her normal one. As of July 12, 2014, she has a YouTube channel as well. She uploads a variety of videos to her channel.

Some Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Giavasis

  • A native of Canton, Ohio, the United States of America, the Instagram queen made her debut on August 10th, 1997 as an infant.
  • Therefore, Taylor Giavasis’ age is 21 years old, as of 2018.
  • Her mother “Nikki Giavasis” is an American actress who acted in the films like “Eagle Eye” and “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”.
  • However, there is no record of her biological father’s identity.

  • Her parents had more than one child, and the young Instagrammer is not one of them. There is also “Jordan Giavasis,” her younger brother.
  • She also contributed to the inspirational book “Real Talk, Real Women,” which was published in 2012.
  • Nick and Sue Giavasis is her paternal grandmother and grandfather, respectively.
  • Philip, Lee, and Eun Giavasis are Taylor’s maternal uncles.
  • Aside from that, the partner Nash Grier enjoys horseback riding on occasion.
  • Using her social media platform, this “star” advocated for a positive body image and meditation.
  • Giavasis, on the other hand, went to the orphanage a few times and had a fantastic time.
  • The sultry celebrity, who weighs about 52 kilograms (114 pounds), has a sultry, sensuous, and stunning physique.
  • Nearly 5 ft 5 in. tall, Taylor Giavasis (165 centimeters tall).
  • It’s estimated that she has a 36-24-35 body shape. According to her Instagram bio, this model has a bra size of 34D.
  • Rumors had circulated that she was pregnant with Nash’s child, but this was all based on false information.

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