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The 24th Birthday Bash for Win Metawin Goes Global: Wishes of Top Thai Star

The 24th Birthday Bash for Win Metawin Goes Global

The 24th Birthday Bash for Win Metawin Goes Global

On February 21, Win Metawin, a.k.a. the most incredible Thai heartthrob, turns 21. As admirers send birthday greetings to the top Thai celebrity, the celebration has gone international.

Win Metawin drives Thai Entertainment’s internationalization, from popularizing Thai BL to serving as Prada’s worldwide ambassador. As the 24-year-old multi-talented star of two new TV shows, Beauty Newbie and Enigma, Win’s dominance in Thai entertainment will soar to new heights in 2023.

The 24th Birthday Bash for Win Metawin Goes Global

The 24th birthday celebration for Win Metawin has begun, and how! The official day for Win Metawin is trending globally on Twitter, with anything from billboards to charitable endeavors to heartfelt fan writing. Here, we’ll look at how Win Metawin’s admirers are honoring his birthday.

A fan posted, extolling the source of happiness and optimism:

Another fan revealed:

Another heartwarming message read:

“Happy birthday to the boy who with his beautiful smile saved my life. Thank you for coming into my life to fill it with light and happiness I wish you success in each of your projects and may you always be very happy!”

Win Metawin Trends Worldwide

The 24th Birthday Bash for Win Metawin Goes Global

Multiple Success As supporters worldwide join the celebration, Metawin’s birthday trends are trending at number one globally in several nations, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Singapore, demonstrating his global significance.

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A Look at Win Metawin’s Upcoming Projects

Win Metawin has two significant projects planned for 2023, namely Enigma and Beauty Newbie. The famous Thai drama Beauty Newbie, a Thai adaptation of the blockbuster Korean drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty, will star the 24-year-old Thai sensation.

Along with award-winning actress Baifern playing the female lead, Win Metawin will play Cha Eunwoo’s Thai counterpart Karin Sayapisit. Win will also star in the suspense series Enigma, where he will play the mysterious and alluring Ar Jin, a new teacher at a school with a secret identity, in addition to Beauty Newbie.

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