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The Bachelor Season 26 Finale: What About Gabby and Rachel?

The Bachelor Season 26 Finale

The Bachelor Season 26 Finale

The tenure of Clayton Echard as “The Bachelor” has not been easy. The end of his season was no different. In the fifth and final show on Monday, Clayton made an effort to mend his bonds with the contestants Rachel Recchia and Gabby Widney.

He admitted his love for them both and that he had slept with them both, which made everyone laugh and almost led Gabby to commit suicide. Despite the dramatic rose ceremony, both women remained, traveling to Iceland to meet Clayton’s family.

However, the meet-the-parents event was moot, as Clayton made the heartbreaking decision to pursue third runner-up Susie Evans. The two-night finale’s second half opened with host Jesse Palmer and the live studio audience before shifting to Susie in Iceland.

When Jesse finds her in her room, he offers her the chance to speak with Clayton once more. She accepts and shows up there to see Clayton and his parents, whom she awkwardly introduces before talking to Clayton alone.

She confronts him about their most recent argument and talks about how he turned against her, how the interaction made her feel, and her embarrassment. She compares the feeling to being “shooed out” like a “stray dog.” She asks:

“If you have love for me as a person, how can you treat me like this?” “I’m so humiliated. You made me feel wrong and bad. That to me that was the heartbreak.”

Clayton sobbed during the conversation and expressed little optimism for their future. Despite this, he makes the firm decision that Susie is the one for him, and he is forced to call it quits with his other two candidates.

Clayton meets Gabby and Rachel at their hotel. He claims he sees a future with them, then dumps them both at once because he can’t love three women equally. He begs to pardon, but Gabby responds with a speech that draws enthusiastic reactions from the live studio camera.

The Bachelor Season 26 Finale

She says:

“You asked me to stay because you were pissed [that Susie left] and your pride was hurt. “One time it was going to be my decision [to leave], which you didn’t want it to be. And now it’s your decision so it’s easier.”

She keeps criticizing him for how he handled the problem, including splitting up with her and Rachel at once. She turns down his offer to accompany her out of the hotel, and her stay in Iceland ends.

Before Clayton joins her on stage for the live “After the Final Rose” portion, Gabby continues to analyze her exit with Jesse. In their final days in Iceland, Clayton extols his sincerity, but Gabby retorts:

“Your transparency had conditions.”

She claims that he felt more strongly about Susie as she looked back. He declared his love for Rachel and Gabby even though he knew his feelings were deeper for someone else. Although he wasn’t malicious, Gabby felt misled and that the women had to cope with the fallout from his careless use of words.

Gabby reminds Clayton that love involves guarding someone and that his failure to view the three finalists as distinct individuals with distinct needs is unmistakable proof that he didn’t love them equally. Clayton addresses Rachel specifically after speaking with Gabby in Iceland.

She sobs to him, and shares the one-sided nature of their relationship. She showed tenacity in her devotion by sticking around after his confession during the last rose ceremony. She says: 

“I was the one who fought by myself – for you,” 

Clayton was statuesque and was an unemotional wall in contrast to her tears. She tells him: 

“You never fought for me,”

 “You didn’t give me anything and what little you did give me I hung on to.” 

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During the live reunion, she shares that she no longer feels for him and that he doesn’t deserve to speak to her. After he apologizes on stage, Rachel rejects it: 

“None of these emotions are for you… I became collateral damage.”

“I just don’t believe you.”

Her contagious fury transferred to her parents, who kept silent when Jesse threw insults in their direction. Clayton and Rachel’s final time on stage together is tense, as she asks if he said “I love you” in an attempt to sleep with her. He vehemently declines the accusations and Jesse pivots:

“Clayton is about to throw the biggest Hail Mary Bachelor Nation has ever seen.”

Clayton writes Susie a letter from home in Iceland to patch things up with her. He tries to reaffirm his feelings when they finally meet in person. “I am this serious about us,” flashes a ring box. She responds:

“I don’t feel that the kind of love I have for you right now is the kind of love that you have for me right now,”  “You have an unconditional love of somebody that you want to spend a lifetime with. And that’s not where I’m at. I have made the decision to leave Iceland alone.”

A Bachelor is rejected on his final day for the first time in Bachelor history. She tells him: 

“It doesn’t make it an easy decision,” “It’s devastating if I’m being honest. But I’ve thought this through and I don’t think I’m your person. And I don’t think that you’re mine.”

He tries again by enquiring about the possibility of a future together. And she definitively says: “I feel like it’s over.” But it turns out that a firm response isn’t so well. Live in Los Angeles, Susie reenters the picture during “After the Final Rose.”

She enters the stage with Jesse and Clayton. She identifies Clayton by saying, “That’s my lover,” as he giggles. Looking back, it is clear that the two required separation before reuniting. Although they are content with their relationship and optimistic about the future, they are also aware that others may not be pulling for them.

Jesse creates the chance for a proposal. Instead, Clayton claims he’s relocating to Virginia to live with Susie. Susie accepts his final rose even though he doesn’t offer her a ring.

Also, Gabby and Rachel are receiving their happy endings, so Susie and Clayton are not the only ones. The two co-Bachelorettes who will share the following season’s starring roles were introduced as the show’s next two leads.

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