The Bear Season Finale on Hulu: Everything We Know So far

The FX show, The Bear season 1, was a too-short season and is now streaming on Hulu. It is the journey of Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, a fine dining chef. Mikey, his brother, has committed suicide and has left his Chicago sandwich shop for Carmy. In all the eight episodes, Mikey’s addiction to painkillers and his suicide are covered, along with what Carmen does after it. 

The cast and crew of The Bear have done an outstanding job with the director Christopher Storer as a creator. The show’s content has provided the audience with something actual and grounded. However, we all know that a series become thoroughly successful only if its ending is as good as its episodes. Here is everything you need to know about The Bear season finale and its story arc.

The Bear Introduction

Each episode of The Bear gives various little clues that solve a big emotional mystery. After the death of his brother Mikey, he leads his entire life as a high-profile young chef. He wants to honor the legacy of his brother and wants to fulfill his dream by owning his restaurant together, The Original Beef of Chicagoland, by taking over the joint of Mikey.

The Bear Season Finale
The Bear Season Finale

Previously, the restaurant was run according to Mikey and his best friend, Richie. They didn’t maintain any discipline or structure over there. However, after the arrival of Carmy and his newly hired chef Sydney, things changed. They reorganized the place, changed the menu, and set the staff accordingly. Carmy doesn’t want to serve the old red sauce spaghetti to the staff, which was considered the most loved staple of the restaurant.

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Mikey also racked up $300,000 in debt to Cicero, who is his brother’s uncle. On the other hand, Carmy was drowning in all the unpaid bills. He also discovers the mysterious payments to a location called KBL Electronics by Mikey. The business of KBL Electronics appears not to be in existence.

Another thing that Mikey was unable to do was to maintain the budget. At a certain point, Carmy could not understand why Mikey bought 28-ounce cans instead of larger, inexpensive ones. Initially, all these details appeared significant but were useless in the end. Therefore, it is important to know more about The Bear season finale.

Soon, Richie finds an envelope for Carmy by Mikey buried behind the locker. Mikey didn’t want Carmy to know about it. Was the letter inside the envelope a suicide note? What was the reason that Mikey distanced himself from Carmy before attempting suicide? Why Richie didn’t tell Carmy about the letter? All these burning questions arose inside every viewer at that time. If all these questions were answered simultaneously, then we would have never been able to enjoy such a satisfying The Bear season finale. Are you curious to know about it? Here is everything you need to know about The Bear season finale.

The Bear Season Finale

In Episode Seven, the staff of The Original Beef prepares their best to start lunch service. They install a computerized pre-order take-out system, but Sydney, the chef, forgets to turn it off. Soon, it gets filled with orders and gets jammed. Carmy always wanted to have this much of orders, but he lacked the manpower to fulfill them. He shouts at the staff, including Sydney, due to which Sydney decides to quit the job and walks out. She stabs her knife in Richie’s butt, and the highest level of Carmy’s anger is seen in this episode.

In The Bear season finale, episode eight, everybody was forced to judge their behavior after this incident. Soon, Richie realizes that Carmy is his only friend, after which he gives Mikey’s letter to Carmy. When Carmy opens it, he founds the handwritten recipe for Mikey’s spaghetti sauce, which tastes better with the small cans of tomatoes. After reading it, Carmen stops criticizing the budgeting method of his brother.

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Later that day, Carmen decides to make an olive branch for everyone at the restaurant by the method of Mikey’s spaghetti. The sauce was exclusively for the staff’s family meal. He follow the footprints of his brother and always took the smaller tomato cans that especially mentioned KBL.

Talking of The Bear season finale, Carmen cooks something delicious in the kitchen, opens the can of tomato, and finds some cash rolled in it. In curiosity, he opens other cans and finds all of them rolled with money. After discovering, the other members of the staff also find it astonishing that the treasure was hidden in the restaurant for a long time. Soon, Sydney arrives to collect her last salary, but Richie tells her to open the other cans. The episode ends here. The Bear season finale gives us a signal that Carmen has enough money to carry the restaurant now. Mikey left a lot of money for Carmen and his restaurant. However, this was quite an innovative way. Carmen uses that money to buy another place known as The Bear.

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