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The Flash Ending Explained: Is George Clooney Batman?

The Flash Ending Explained

The Flash Ending Explained

The Flash was finally launched in theaters after numerous delays and development problems. Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, made his official film debut in Justice League when Batman hired him. He had previously appeared briefly in Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad via security camera footage of Captain Boomerang’s capture.

According to DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, the Flash now has his own feature picture as the DC Universe is about to start on a new creative vision.

The Flash’s most important talking points may not have anything to do with how the episode ends in the conventional sense. The Flash’s post-credits scene further confounds issues, but the last appearance obscures more significant themes even as it affirms a DCU reset.

The VFX work is “wonky,” and the DC cameos range from ones who appeal to nostalgia to those that are accused of showing disrespect. The Flash’s narrative is compelling, but it’s also highly intricate.

Determining where The Flash and the DC Universe stand after the credits can be challenging because of conflicting timeframes, many iterations of various characters, and past DC Universe movie ending.

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What Happens At The End Of The Flash?

In the Flash, Barry goes back in time to save his mother, who was m*rder*d when he was a youngster, in this very rough adaptation of the Flashpoint of the DC Comics story. Despite his achievement, this shift sends waves through time and produces a brand-new, unworkable timeline.

Take a look at the tweet below, Recently, GameSpot shared a Tweet related to the movie ending:

The Kryptonian army eventually defeats Zod’s men after central Barry, past Barry, Batman, and Supergirl battle them. The Barrys decide to go back and change some events after Batman and Supergirl pass away.

The central Barry realizes that the destruction of this Earth is an inevitable point in the chronology even though their allies’ original fates are avoided, and they pass away once more, this time in a different way.

Barry is forced to concede that he cannot undo the past and must let his mother go by the futility of losing. Young Barry struggles to accept this and keeps traveling across time.

Is George Clooney Batman?

The Bruce Wayne who appears when Barry phones him after the film is George Clooney’s interpretation of the infamous Batman & Robin character.

Clooney makes it evident that he is Bruce because he reacts angrily when Barry jokes that he is not Batman. Though its effects on The Flash’s future in the DC Universe are undoubtedly significant, they are not entirely obvious.

The Flash opens with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne giving Barry some challenging but essential advice on accepting sorrow and moving past the past. But after Barry goes through time, Affleck’s Batman vanishes from view.

Although what happens to him is never explicitly stated, it seems that given how the film ends, Affleck’s Bruce is most likely still in his original chronology. In contrast, Barry has ended up in a different parallel reality.

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