The Ones Within Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Nakamoto Genome last appeared on screens around a year ago. Since then, the fandom has been restless to see him again. And this is only possible when The Ones Within Season 2 releases. But the question arises will we ever get to see him again? Well, that is a tricky question!

The show is inarguably an underrated anime whthatas only 12 episodes b, ut the character development and the plot of the series is phenomenal. The show revolved around the story of missing teenagers in Japan. It mainly focuses on Iride Akatsuki w, who somehow ended up in the fictional world of ‘Nakanohito Genome’.

The show is a masterpiece because Silver Link Studio created it, but there are other elements. However, despite having an enthusiastic fan base, the possibilities of The Ones Within seem bleak. The show is based on the manga of Ozora, and if we compare the performance with it, there is still a lot of stories left to explore. So, this means that there is plenty of content for The Ones Within Season 2 only if the creators are willing to continue with the series. If you still haven’t watched the series, you can watch it on Funimation! The English dub is also there.

The Ones Within Season 2:Release Date

Unfortunately, even after two years, Silver Link Studio hasn’t announced the official release date for The Ones Within Season 2. In fact, they haven’t even greenlit the show for a second season. However, this does not necessarily mean that we won’t be getting The Ones Within Season 2. The manga is still not complete. The content regarding the anime is still coming in, so the writers might be waiting for a perfect plot. And who knows how long it will take.

The Ones Within Season 2:

Despite the show’s ratings, the series got an overwhelming response, and it will be a wise decision to continue with the story. And if this happens, then you can expect The Ones Within Season 2 to release somewhere in 2022. They assume that the studio will start working on the second season in early 2022. 

The Ones Within Season 2:Cast

We have almost no official updates about The Ones Within Season 2, but if the second season is to come, then you can expect the primary characters to make the final cut. The following list contains the names of the potential feelings of the sequel:

  • Karin Sarayashiki
  • Kaikoku Onigasaki
  • Himiko Inaba
  • Anya Kudou
  • Yuzu Roromori
  • Zakuro Oshigiri
  • Makino Aikawa
  • Akatsuki Iride

As mentioned earlier, the manga is still being written, so we are sure that new characters will also be introduced in the upcoming season. But that depends on the writers which characters they want to add to the story. But the main story will still revolve around the characters mentioned above. As far as the voice cast is concerned, we hope that the same actors will come back for the Japanese voice and the English dubbed.

The Ones Within Season 2:Plot

In the first season, children all around Japan started disappearing out of nowhere, and despite the efforts of the police, they couldn’t reach the root of the problem. The main characters were also the victim of these strange disappearances. Akatsuki Iride is a passionate gamer who records himself while playing various games. At that time, one game gets quite popular among teens, which teleports to a different realm. Ignoring all of these rumours, Iride decides to play “The Ones Within-Genome”. And when he plays the game, the trajectory of his life changes! Because the stories prove to be true. 

When he gets teleported to the fictional world, he knows the other seven children who got teleported there before him. All these kids then get transported to 13th Avenue where they get to know Paca. This man introduces the plan to the group, which they’ll have to follow to get back to their everyday life. The game was to clear several missions, and whoever resisted would get locked in “The White Room” till the other members completed the game. But this mission wasn’t as easy as it sounded. The kids also had to face their deepest and darkest fears in this journey.

It is hard to predict what the second season will focus on. But most likely, the group will face other problems following the events of the first season. Nothing can be said about the plot without the official synopsis of The Ones Within Season 2. But if you’re curious, you can read the manga that the show is based on! Not only will you get an idea of the second season, but you’ll also get to know the story in great depth. 

The Ones Within Season 2:Trailer 

We do not have any trailer for The Ones Within Season 2. The reason is quite obapparentbecause the creators haven’t greenlit the second season yet. 


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