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The Surrogacy Netflix Cast: A Highly Anticipated Mexican Drama Series Premieres on Netflix

The Surrogacy Netflix Cast

The Surrogacy Netflix Cast

A Mexican drama series called The Surrogacy will make its Netflix debut on June 15, 2023. Leticia Calderón plays Elena in the show, a lady forced into surrogacy to save her father. Elena falls involved with a wealthy family whose reputation they would defend at all costs.

The series is eagerly awaited for its thrilling story, allegedly excellent acting, and current social commentary. Leticia Calderón and Elisa Salinas are the creators, and Argos Comunicación is the producer.

The Surrogacy Trailer Teases Compelling Performances From Its Talented Cast

With the debut of the official trailer on Netflix’s Latin American YouTube channel, interest in the series peaked. Fans are excitedly awaiting the release of The Surrogacy after seeing this sneak peek into its world.

Viewers can anticipate a thrilling story that will keep them guessing until the end. The cast provides excellent performances, and Leticia Calderón, who portrays Elena masterfully, is among them.

Shani Lozano: Yeni

The gifted Shani Lozano, who is making her acting debut as the series’ main character Yeni, is in charge of the ensemble cast.

Yeni, a strong and brave lady, is forced to take on the challenging role of a surrogate mother to preserve her father’s life.

As the story goes on, Yeni’s life experiences unforeseen twists and turns that set her on a path to truth and self-discovery.

Leticia Calderón: Elena

Elena is played by Leticia Calderón, well-known for her work in the film In the Name of Love.

A strong Mexican business family that uses Yeni as a surrogate employs Elena, a family member. The teaser implies that Elena will make decisions significantly affecting others around her, giving her character more nuance.

Minnie West: Victoria

In the play, Victoria is brought to life by Minnie West, who gained attention for her performance in Me Gusta, pero me asusta.

Victoria belongs to a wealthy family taking part in the surrogacy agreement. Her character’s motivations and interactions with Yeni influence the plot’s development, generating tension and drama.

Emmanuel Orenday: Santiago

Santiago, a significant character in the program, is portrayed by Emmanuel Orenday, best known for his work in Hoping Heart.

Santiago becomes a crucial part of Yeni’s life, and their love develops despite the difficult situations they are put in. Orenday portrays Santiago in a way that gives the show depth and heart.

Marcela Guirado: Ana

The Surrogacy stars Marcela Guirado, who is most known for her part in Fantasas, as Ana.

Another affluent family member involved in the surrogacy agreement is Ana.

Guirado’s portrayal gives Ana’s character further depth as she negotiates the complications of family dynamics and personal decisions.

Luis Ernesto Franco: Roberto

Roberto is portrayed in the show by Luis Ernesto Franco, who is most recognized for his work on False Identity.

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Roberto is a significant player in the Mexican business family and dramatically impacts how things turn out. The complexity of Roberto’s character is captured through Franco’s portrayal, which piques the interest and curiosity of the audience.

Alejandro de la Madrid: Andrés

In the play, Andrés is portrayed by Alejandro de la Madrid, known for his performance in El Seor de los Cielos.

As Andrés becomes involved in Yeni’s life, a bond that affects their decisions develops between them.

Audiences are attracted by the development of Andrés thanks to de la Madrid’s acting, which gives the character more depth and complexity.

Camila Selser: Carolina

Camila Selser, well-known for her work in Sr. Vila, plays Carolina in The Surrogacy.

Carolina’s presence adds new excitement to the show as she gets engaged in Yeni’s and the wealthy family’s life. Selser’s portrayal of Carolina demonstrates her acting range and enthralls the audience.


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