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Tim Cobb Cause Of Death: His Legacy in Fashion Lives On Despite His Passing at 90!

Tim Cobb Cause Of Death

Tim Cobb Cause Of Death

Tim Cobb, Loretta Lynn’s designer, creates her renowned floor-length gowns for concerts and other special occasions. Several of her costumes and other personal belongings are at the Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum, housed on her home and ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

The gown she wore in 2010 to commemorate the Grand Ole Opry’s 50th anniversary is among Tim’s best-known works for her. The first is a golden dress with glass beads, while the second is her Van Lear Rose record cover attire in light blue (2004).

In an interview, Cobb stated that Patsy Cline had convinced Lynn to start donning long gowns. Tim was the boyfriend of my best friend, Lynn. He was in charge of Loretta’s museum, designing her costumes and doing her hair and makeup.

Tim Cobb’s Cause Of Death

Tim Cobb, Lynn’s longtime assistant and dressmaker has passed away. He spent more than three decades working with Lynn. The tragic news was announced on the official Twitter account of well-known country artist Loretta Lynn. Tim Cobb’s passing was confirmed in a statement that reads,

Tim Cobb passed away on March 13, 2023, when he was 90 years old. The cause of Tim Cobb’s death is yet unknown. His grieving friends and family have posted their heartfelt condolences on social media. Since they each needed an assistant in 1982, Cobb and Lynn have collaborated on several projects.

Every outfit and piece of clothing she has worn on stage since then was created by him. The Lake City homeowner contributed to the neighborhood museum in 2018 things he had crafted for Lynn, including hand-signed photographs and a pair of her stage shoes.

Tim Cobb’s Career

Tim Cobb started selling his unique innovations to the labels and managers of country music performers after relocating to Nashville, Tennessee. Cobb remembers having two dresses created with Loretta Lynn in mind in a 2017 interview with Country Stars Central.

After that, he found her management in the CMA’s online directory and contacted them. When Lynn’s office manager saw Cobb wearing the gowns, she fell in love with them and made plans for Cobb to present Lynn with the clothes in person.

Cobb stated, “I came back and was shocked to see the Loretta Lynn in the form of this young barefooted child with long wavy hair.”

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