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Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained: Why is There So Much Debate Over It?

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

On November 16, 2022, the Tokyo Revengers manga finally ended after five years and a total of 29 volumes. The Ken Wakui story has gained worldwide acclaim, and fans are excitedly anticipating a new anime season.

Yet, after the manga’s conclusion, the excitement may fade soon. In particular, the manga’s last chapter’s raw scans are finally available and based on what we can tell, it will be a huge letdown. We’ll explain the finale and discuss why it is so contentious in this piece.

Tokyo Revengers will conclude with yet another hard reset of the timeline, where everything that has happened is seemingly annulled and removed from the timeline, as the Tokyo Manji Gang is disbanded, with the protagonists saying that it is finally over, according to what can be inferred from the raw scans of the final chapter.

Two sections will make up the remainder of this article. There will be a lot of spoilers in this essay, so proceed with caution. The first section will provide all the information you require regarding the conclusion of Tokyo Revengers. The second part will discuss the decision and explain why it is so contentious and the supporters are furious.

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

Stop reading now if you do not want to know how Tokyo Revengers ends before reading the last chapter. We will divulge all the information that is currently known regarding the contentious finale. Be careful in approaching the following paragraphs because this contains a SPOILER WARNING for all readers.

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

Well, let’s move on now that we have resolved this. Tokyo Revengers’ final chapter will be released formally on November 16, 2022, some raw scans are already online, and it looks like the fans are in for a big surprise. Wakui has undoubtedly given us our fair share of surprises, but even die-hard series fans may find the last chapter confusing. What occurs is as follows.

In the series, Takemichi Hanagaki frequently travels across time; this time, he recreated the Tokyo Manji Gang. After that, he challenged Mikey and his recently established Kanto manji Gang, sparking a bloody conflict between the rival gangs. While Takemichi weaves to protect his friend from the darkness inside, Mikey stabs him in the stomach, ending the struggle.

Surprise, surprise: Takemichi returns to the past in the last chapter, this time to a time ten years ago, when he meets Mikey, who recognizes him. The two come to terms with the fact that they have both traveled across time and that Shinichiro, Baji, Draken, Emma, Kazutora, and the others are still alive.

The last time they saw them, they weren’t there. They are overjoyed and begin racing through the streets while exclaiming that it is a miracle. Later, they may be seen planning their future retaliation against the future itself on a rooftop. The Tokyo Manji Gang underwent a fresh iteration as they grew older.

The two are once more seen on the same rooftop talking about the time that has passed and their shared exploits as the chapter come to a close. Takemichi declares that it is now finished while breaking down in tears as they remark on how they have taken over the entire nation.

Considering that everyone is finally safe and sound in this new timeline, this would have been an appropriate conclusion in and of itself. But no, Wakui decided to give us another panel, and the board itself was the most shocking thing in the chapter, as Mikey proclaims:

“As of today, the Tokyo Manji Gang is disbanded!!!”. And we’re all like – what the heck?!

Why is There So Much Debate Over Tokyo Revengers?

Alright, now you know why this conclusion is terrible. There are several, and although most of them are very obvious, we’ll nevertheless discuss them one at a time. First of all, such a conclusion is illogical. It doesn’t seem organic. Since Tokyo Revengers is an action manga with prominent Yanki elements, the plot should include violence, death, and a dismal conclusion.

It doesn’t necessarily have to end in tragedy, but a happy ending isn’t a requirement either. This is why a happy-go-lucky ending feels forced. The plot and the genre don’t precisely fit the story and the genre doesn’t precisely fit the story and the genre doesn’t precisely fit the story that had been told up to that point. With his frequent time travel, which essentially allowed him to change anything he desired, Wakui did overcomplicate the plot.

We’ve become accustomed to that, so what’s the point? It made no sense for him to change the plot again at that moment because he had already done so numerous times.

He did it again, but did he need to end it so poorly? With each time travel, all the actions and shocks we have witnessed on the manga’s pages throughout its publication were always diminished. Still, we have grown accustomed to this and hoped that it would all make sense in the end and that the plot would naturally… develop into itself. And after that, we have this.

Scroll down to view the tweets posted by Tokyo Revengers:

A slap was given. A slap in the faces of every fan as well as the narrative. All the drama, character growth, spine-tingling tension, and excitement—all for nothing! Everything was canceled, abandoned, and replaced with a wholly unnatural conclusion that reduced the entire concept to a happy-ending children’s story.

There will undoubtedly be a proper explanation of the entire context, but the storyline twist in Tokyo Revengers cannot be justified in any way. Fans worldwide, who properly consider Tokyo Revengers one of the worst manga in recent years, were rightfully incensed by this slur.

If you are interested in watching Tokyo Revengers Season 2, the following information is provided for you to read and can be found below:

Because it will be the worst conceivable outcome if you have such a brilliant plot and squander it this way; also, everything seemed to be for nothing. The entire voyage and all of the work. It was all in vain. Everything we’ve experienced has been erased, and its place has been taken with an ending that destroys everything and replaces it with something completely absurd.

The fact that it defies logic makes it one of the most absurd and foolish manga endings ever, even though others may defend it, and it probably won’t seem like ex-Machinahina. The conclusion appears to have been written by someone else who has never read any of the manga’s first 277 chapters. And that’s why the manga’s ending is so contentious, and many fans are upset.

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