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Is Travis Kelce Dad Alive? What Happened To Ed Kelce?

Travis Kelce Dad Alive

Travis Kelce Dad Alive

American professional football player Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL, was born on October 5, 1989. Ohio’s Westlake is where he was born. He is regarded as one of the most excellent tight ends in NFL history and plays the position of tight end.

Jason Kelce’s younger brother is Travis Kelce. The brothers have spent more than 20 years playing together in the NFL. Jason has been playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, while Travis has been with the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was the first Super Bowl in which two siblings faced off, and Kelce’s side prevailed against his brother’s squad in 2022. Because of this, the Super Bowl was unofficially dubbed the “Kelce Bowl,” with Travis emerging as the winner. The parents of the brothers attended the game and supported both teams.

As the 2023 NFL season gets underway, Travis aims to win his third Super Bowl title with the Chiefs, while Jason Kelce hopes to return to the Eagles and win another Super Bowl.

You can see the tweet below:

Stay tuned until the end as we talk more about Travis Kelce’s Father.

Is Travis Kelce’s Father, Ed Kelce, Alive?

Ed Kelce, the father of NFL player Travis Kelce, is still alive. Ed Kelce has had a significant role in molding his kids’ professions by continuously challenging them to reach higher standards and be better people. Ed Kelce got interested in football while playing high school football.

He was hoping to follow in the footsteps of his family, who had a long history of men in the military, but an injury he sustained playing football in high school prevented him from realizing his dream. He disclosed in the New Heights podcast episode that the accident required the removal of cartilage from his left knee.

Never one to be deterred, Ed applied to join the Coastal Guard when his injuries prevented him from enlisting in the Army. It was during that time that he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This inflammatory bowel condition can lead to severe diarrhea, exhaustion, weight loss, and malnourishment.

He made an effort to fit in with the Coastal Guard, but it was impossible because he had severe digestive problems even in basic training. He went on to have great success in the steel business, and he frequently brought his boys to work with him so they could see firsthand what it’s like to work in a mill.

What Happened To Ed Kelce?

Earlier this year, Ed Kelce spoke with his famous sons ahead of their Super Bowl LVII battle in a “New Heights” podcast episode.

You can check out the tweet about the New Podcast Episode of New Heights:

Ed Kelce thought back to his early years when he had been denied entry into the army because of a football injury from high school that required surgery to remove cartilage from his left knee.

With his sons, Ed said:

“You’ve got to remember, everybody in my family prior to me was in the service.”

His health issues prevented him from enlisting in the army. However, it was suggested that he use his prior talents and enlist in the Coastal Guard. On the other hand, Ed Kelce found out he had Crohn’s illness during basic training.

As stated in a medical journal:

“Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease in the bowel that causes swelling of the tissues (inflammation) in the digestive tract, which can lead to severe diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss, fatigue and malnutrition.”

This illness eliminated any possibility that Ed might become a professional athlete.

“I enlisted in the Coast Guard, and the Chron’s reared up. I’d never had that before, and I was sick. I went through most of the basic training with some severe gastrointestinal issues. They don’t need sick people in the service; they need people who are ready to perform.”

Despite his illness, Ed Kelce raised Travis and Jason Kelce, two future NFL greats. In the league, the Kelce name is inextricably linked to greatness, and nothing can undermine that.

Our latest report explored the circulating speculations surrounding the unexpected passing of some of our beloved celebrities:

What Did Ed Kelce Do For Living?

Ed Kelce, an Ohio native from Cleveland Heights, fell in love with football as a child. Due to a knee injury sustained in high school, he was forced to give up the sport.

Ed Kelce then decided to go to college. However, he chose to follow the same path because of his family’s military history. As a result, he was unable to complete college.

However, the military had its own set of difficulties. Due to his struggle with Crohn’s disease, he was unable to serve in the arm.

Subsequently, Ed Kelce’s professional trajectory changed. In his role as a sales agent for the steel sector, he provided producers with goods. Ed Kelce put a lot of effort into supporting his family and children.

Actually, Ed used to work another job at a candy store to save money for Jason and Travis Kelce’s Christmas presents because of the sluggish workdays at the mill.

Ed Kelce coached his children to fulfill their aspirations even if he was unable to complete his own as a football player. It’s reasonable to conclude that he has been effective because Travis and Jason Kelce will undoubtedly be the first-ballot Hall of Famer.

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