Two Domain Hacks Sell For $50k+

Sedo had some great sales this past week. Its top two public sales are domain hacks (domains that use the second and top-level domains to form a word).

Here’s a list of some of the end user domain name sales that were just completed at Sedo. $100,000 –, an online betting platform based in the UK, bought this domain hack. $50,000 – It’s unclear who the buyer of this domain hack is, but they put up a coming soon page. At this price, it looks like an end user is building something. £20,000 – Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership Limited work to bring economic growth to the Swindon and Wiltshire area of England. The domain is probably for the Business Cyber Centre. $12,000 – NES Health, a managed doctor services company in the UK. £10,000 – The buyer has a site about binary options, including links to options trading platforms. $6,900 – Vendoc is a German software company that supports all aspects of the business process in the craft, trade, service company, and construction industry. €6,500 – Schunk, a German international technology group, owns Weisstechnik, a company that offers environmental simulation systems. The company uses the domain For now, the domain forwards to Schunk’s website. $5,900 – Water Missions International hosts Walk for Water, an event inspired by the burden of millions of people having to walk miles each day to collect water. €4,500 – This domain forwards to a page on that describes Swiss Life Germany’s new seminar and conference center at the company’s location in Hannover-Lahe called the “Career Campus”. Karriere is German for career. $3,799 – Foresite, LLC is a company in California. The domain doesn’t resolve yet, and there are many tech companies called Foresite. €3,500 – Dataplan Payroll Limited loves its .pro domains. The UK-based payroll outsourcing and pension management company previously bought for $4,000 and for €3,500. $2,000 – Cathay Capital Europe likely bought this for one of its portfolio companies. €2,000 – Skillrooms is a German organization that develops digital training for architects. This is a nice domain at a nice price.

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