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Tyrone Gilliams Net Worth: The Financial Consequences of Gilliams’ Criminal Actions!

Tyrone Gilliams Net Worth

Tyrone Gilliams Net Worth

Tyrone Gilliams is a retired American basketball player. He participated in college basketball for Pennsylvania. Gilliams is well known for dating Sheree Whitfield, a star of the RHOA. For his participation in the Ponzi scheme, he received a ten-year prison term in 2013.

After spending eight years in prison, he was eventually freed. In this article, you can find details about Tyrone Gilliams net worth, early life, personal life, career, and more.

Tyrone Gilliams Net Worth

As of 2023, Tyrone Gilliams’ net worth is anticipated to be about $1 million. After receiving a 10-year federal prison sentence, he was compelled to pay $5 million to his accusers.

Gilliams also used the $1.5 million investment for a series of events, including a gospel performance, food distribution for 5000 people, a kids’ event at the Convention Center, a bowling party, and an album release celebration with Jamie Foxx.

Tyrone Gilliams Early Life

Tyrone Gillams was born in the United States of America. His actual birthdate and age have not yet been disclosed despite being said to be between 45 and 50 years old. His father, a Philadelphia-based clergyman, attended his 2013 sentencing. Gillams pursued his education at Penn State.

Tyrone Gilliams Career

Tyrone supposedly played basketball for the university and captained the squad in several contests between 1988 and 1989. Even when his university term was over, he continued to play with the team. Later, he established TLG, TL Gillams, LLC, a commodities trading company.

In addition, he worked to promote rappers and other hip-hop performers. Gillams has primarily gained attention because of his relationship with Sheree Whitfield of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sheree and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield engaged in a child support dispute in the early seasons of RHOA.

She continued to appear on the show as a single after that. Sheree left the reality show after four seasons of participation. She did, however, come back in Season 8 as a buddy. She played a full-time housewife in seasons 9 and 10 following her appearance.

After returning to RHOA, Sheree talked candidly about her long-distance romance with Tyrone Gillams. Sheree admitted to feeling strongly that Tyrone could be the potential next husband in an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish. She went on to say that Gillam respects and adores her without condition.

Tyrone Gilliams Personal Life And Love Life

In 2013 Gillams was found guilty of wire fraud and given a 10-year sentence. He had dated Sheree Whitfield before his arrest. In 2016, they both reconnected. He was frequently visited by Sheree while incarcerated in Kentucky.

According to reports, Gillams and his lawyer were found guilty of stealing more than $5 million from their investors. According to accounts, he pretended to be a commodities dealer and hip-hop promoter to steal money. In addition, Gillams described himself as a rising philanthropist.

Tyrone Gilliams Net Worth

He even restored his reputation by planning a grand charity event that featured Sean “Diddy” Combs, a well-known superstar. Sheree reportedly attempted to bring the camera team along when visiting him so they could record the private encounter for the reality series RHOA.

However, Tyrone was not pleased with it, and the two got into a heated dispute. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gilliams was released early. He continued to be under home arrest and wore an ankle monitor even after being freed. The RHOA production staff asked Gilliams to meet Sheree Whitfield at the restaurant.

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The production staff also informed him that their meeting scene would be modified. According to reports, Gilliams filed a lawsuit against Bravo in November 2021 over the use of his prior RHOA participation.

Before he started dating Sheree Whitfield, he was married to someone. Even so, he has two children from a previous union. Sheree has three children of her own as well.

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