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Who Is Heidi Voight Husband And How Did She React On Her Mother Death?

Heidi Voight Husband

Heidi Voight Husband

Heidi Voight is an Emmy-winning news anchor for NBC Connecticut. She has been on leave from her job since February 2023, when her mother, Claudia Voight, died unexpectedly in her home in Windham, Vermont. To find out more about Vheidi Voight’s husband, her mother’s passing, and other information, keep reading the article.

Vheidi Voight Husband

Heidi Voight’s husband is David Borselle Jr., a chef and owner of Park & Oak Restaurant in West Hartford, Connecticut. They got married in 2016 and have twin daughters, Apolonia “Polly” Rose and Violet Concetta, who were born on Mother’s Day in 2018.

You can check out the Facebook post:

The Biography of David Borselle Jr

Chef and restaurateur David Borselle Jr. first ventured into the food industry on a golf course. Subsequently, his increasing enthusiasm drove him to pursue official instruction. David’s wife has also frequently boasted on social media about her husband’s time and talent donations to the MoD, a life-saving organization.

David first established Park & Oak Restaurant in West Hartford back in November 2016. He assured me that the eatery would serve sophisticated comfort food from America in a relaxed setting. At the time, he also mentioned that he would like Park & Oak to provide the regular fare that he and his wife appreciate.

Heidi Voight Age

Voight is an award-winning reporter and morning anchor who was born and raised in Milford, Connecticut. She represented the state at the Miss America Pageant in 2006. She is currently 41 years old.

Vheidi Voight Mother Death

On July 31, 2023, Heidi Voight disclosed via a social media post that her mother’s death was a homicide rather than a natural or peaceful passing. She said that her mother had been brutally murdered in her own house and that in order to shield the investigation, she had to maintain this terrible secret for months.

The 44-year-old Shawn Conlon was taken into custody in Groton, Connecticut, on December 20, 2023, and charged with Claudia Voight’s second-degree murder by the Vermont State Police. Claudia Voight was Conlon’s tenant, and it is said that he killed her by compressing her neck.

In addition to expressing her sorrow and rage at her mother’s passing, Heidi Voight vowed to pursue justice for her. She expressed her gratitude to her family, friends, and coworkers for their kindness and encouragement.

Heidi Voight Returns To NBC Connecticut

NBC Connecticut’s Heidi Voight has resumed her on-air duties after her mother passed away in February. Voight, who anchors the 4:30–7 a.m. news, announced her return on Facebook by sharing a photo of herself with co-host Shannon Miller. She added that she was happy to be back in her broadcast position.

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