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Westmoore HS Student’s Life Cut Short in Fatal Crash!

Westmoore HS Student's Life Cut Short in Fatal Crash

Westmoore HS Student's Life Cut Short in Fatal Crash

Following a tragic crash just before winter break, students and staff at a local school district are experiencing heartbreak. Officers from the Oklahoma City Police Department were called to a three-vehicle collision near S.W. 134th and Pennsylvania Ave. on Thursday afternoon.

At least four people were engaged in the accident when cops got on the scene, and several of them had serious injuries. Westmoore High School students were returning to school when they were engaged in the collision, according to investigators, who spoke with KFOR.

Sadly, one of the students passed away as a result of their wounds.“This evening, the Oklahoma City Police Department confirmed to Moore Public Schools that the vehicle accident at SW 134th and S. Penn Ave. involved multiple Westmoore High School students and resulted in one student fatality. Multiple students are currently hospitalized.

Our entire MPS family now grieves this terrible loss. The MPS Mental Health Team will be on-site and available to assist students and employees at WHS throughout the final day of school tomorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by this incident and severe loss.”

Colby McCarron, a student at Westmoore High School, was identified as the deceased on Friday by Moore Public Schools officials.

Tanner Kilgore, Ireland McCauley, and Kelly Ward, three additional kids who were identified as sophomores, are all presently receiving medical attention.

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Although they have not yet identified a cause for the collision, investigators speculate that speed may have been a factor. The last day of instruction before winter break is Friday at Moore Public Schools.

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