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Where Is David Shamblin Now? When Did He Wed Gwen Shamblin?

Where Is David Shamblin Now

Where Is David Shamblin Now

Despite his relative obscurity, David Shamblin is best recognized for being Gwen Shamblin’s first spouse. Gwen, the author of The Weigh Down Diet, started The Remnant Fellowship Church in 1999. David attends the same church, Remnant Fellowship Church, as his ex-wife had previously belonged. The Weigh Down Workshop for Latter-day Christians was established by him and Gwen.

Who Is David Shamblin?

Minor character David Shamblin is best known for being Gwen Shamblin’s first husband. The Weigh Down Diet was written by Gwen, who also founded the Remnant Fellowship Church. The Remnant Fellowship is the same church that David and his ex-wife both attend.

The Weigh Down Workshop for the Last Christians was established by him and Gwen. To teach “hurting, imprisoned souls” how to “turn away from damaging vices and unpleasant behaviors and emotions — including binge eating, alcohol indulgence, rage, and despair — and guide them to a genuine connection with God,” a collection of Bible studies was created.

David oversaw operations as the company’s CEO. David wrote an obituary for Gwen and Joe when they were “presumed dead” following their plane accident into Percy Priest Lake in Smyrna, Tennessee. All six occupants of the Cessna light jet who were traveling from Smyrna Rutherford County Airport to Palm Beach International Airport perished in the collision.

Where Is David Shamblin Now?

Today, David Shamblin is still not well-known, and he has made no public comments regarding the Remnant Fellowship Church. His whereabouts as of right now are unclear. He appears to have decided to conceal his identity for the time being.

Nobody is aware of his current location or activities because he has essentially disappeared from the public eye. David Shamblin wed a well-known celebrity. His greatest accomplishment is that he was once married to renowned novelist Gwen Shamblin Lara.

Readers are much more interested in the author’s personal life after her passing, especially how she got along with her husband. You may also read our trending articles like  Chris Bosh and Kendrick Lamar’s.

When Did Gwen Shamblin And David Shamblin Marry?

They got married in 1978 and were still together as of 2018. Information on the particulars of their wedding ceremony is lacking. Following their breakup, Gwen wed Joe Lara, a famous actor from Hollywood.

Lara, who portrayed Tarzan in Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, was a passenger on the plane that crashed in Tennessee and is believed to have perished.

Do Gwen And David Have Children?

David and Gwen are the joyful grandparents of seven children, in addition to their two children, Michael Shamblin, and Elizabeth Hannah. After the accident, Gwen’s daughter Elizabeth reportedly texted members of the Remnant church to ask for prayers.

She reportedly said that the emergency descent was necessary “for a controlled, rapid landing” of the aircraft. The remainder of her stepfather’s family, according to Brandon’s wife Hannah, was also traveling with them. Michael Shamblin, the other child of Gwen, is wed to Erin, and the two have four children together.

Final Lines

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