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Who is AB on Mayor of Kingstown: Explain Their Role in Season 2?

AB on Mayor of Kingstown

AB on Mayor of Kingstown

One of the gang leaders, Gunner from the AB, unwittingly agrees to Mike’s suggestion to send the current leaders into the prison to elect new leaders. The charges against them will be dropped after they have completed that, and they will be immediately released.

Upon entering the prison, Gunner and the other leaders, including Bunny, complete their tasks. When the DA breaks his word and drags out the process of withdrawing the charges against them, issues arise.

The Prison Run By the AB

Things change when the captives move, and the gang bosses lose faith in Mike. They are transferred to Anchor Bay, a large AB sympathizer population prison.

One of them is Davidson, the person in command of Anchor Bay. He permits the AB to live in tranquility. Gunner is one of those who believe they should start working how they like because they are sick of waiting for Mike. Davidson permits Gunner to target Bunny to convey a message to Mike.

The rabbit was put in the kill box by the AB. Also, the guards permit the AB to murder whoever they like in plain daylight. They even supply them with keys, swords, and weapons so that they might liberate themselves. While other gangs are in the lead, the guards only get involved.

Because of these guards, the AB can conduct narcotics trades inside the prison better than other gangs. Even the other gangs in the prison struggle to make a living because Davidson favors them.

Bunny explains to Mike how other people are suffering due to the AB. Because the AB can employ technology like drones inside the prison for drug delivery, they can’t even conduct business in peace.

Later, Mike apprehends the member of the AB gang who is using drones to infiltrate the prison. He takes out his phone and cautions Gunner not to accept any favors or other offers. He ought to work for it the way others do it today.

Davidson’s Death

When Mike sees Davidson, he confronts him regarding placing Bunny in the kill box. He begs him to give Bunny some space. Davidson is uncooperative and even makes Mike fear for his safety.

While Davidson continues to push Mike, Kyle enters carrying a rifle and beats Davidson to the ground. The McLusky brothers tell Davidson once again not to touch Bunny before leaving.

When Mike is away on a day off, Davidson demands retribution. He tours the town with Mike, who has left his wallet and revolver at a bar.

Mike goes to the bar to get his gun, and as soon as he steps outside, Davidson starts pursuing him. Davidson attempts to hit Mike with his car, but Mike stops him with gunshots.

Gunner’s Death

Mike was a target for the AB because he broke his vow. The AB has often refused to wait and carried out their plans as they saw fit.

The AB strikes Mike in the Mayor of Kingstown season 2 finale while he is traveling to meet Milo. Mike manages to avoid their shots and kills them all.

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Milo held Iris and Mariam as hostages because Mike arrived late for the meeting. While attempting to save them, Milo managed to escape again, and Mariam was wounded.

Mike phones Carney in frustration to inquire about the state of affairs at Anchor Bay now that Davidson is no longer in command. Carney asserts that a replacement will step forward.

Next, Mike informs Carney that the situation is being reset and gives him the order to remove the AB’s leader. Carney relays the information to Bunny’s buddies who are incarcerated.

Raph and Big Hush’s team are getting ready to take Gunner out. Carney allows them to roam freely at night. He unlocks Gunner’s cell door, letting Raph and the rest of Big Hush’s team in.

Gunner is murdered after Raph informs him that this is a message from the mayor. Carney observes everything much as the AB sympathizers did in the past.

Now that Gunner is no longer alive, the AB may stop pursuing Mike and choose a new boss for their gang. It is still unclear whether they will exact revenge on Gunner.

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