Who Is Finn Wolfhard Dating in 2022? Know More About Elsie Richter

Finn Wolfhard is a Canadian actor who has gained various acting credits, including When You Finish Saving The World, The Turning, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and many more. He is gaining fantastic popularity with his lead role in Stranger Things as Mike Wheeler, which is exclusively available on Netflix. After his enormous popularity, fans want to know everything about his personal life. The most crucial question is Who is Finn Wolfhard dating in 2022?

Finn Wolfhard has been dating Elsie Richter since the initial months of 2021. They confirmed their relationship by uploading a cute photo together. Here is everything you need to know about who is Finn Wolfhard dating in 2022? Keep scrolling to have your answers. 

Who is Finn Wolfhard Dating in 2022?

Nineteen years old Finn Wolfhard was in the headlines after confirming that he was dating 20 years old Elsie Richter. He uploaded a blur and close-up cozy photo of them together on his social media in June 2021. However, he has deleted the post now, and they are keeping their relationship private. People are still taking interest in the love story of Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard and actress Elsie Richter. The public is asking questions about who is Finn Wolfhard dating in 2022?

Who Is Finn Wolfhard Dating In 2022
Who Is Finn Wolfhard Dating In 2022

The couple was spotted in March 2021 together, and rumors of them dating sparked since then. They are also enjoying each other’s company since 2021. When Finn Wolfhard posted the picture of them together, which got deleted, later on, people got the answer of who is Finn Wolfhard dating in 2022?

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Who is Finn Wolfhard Dating in 2022? What Do We Know About Elsie?

Elsie Richter has been a part of the television series Doll and Em from 2013 to 2015. She also made her appearance in the television short Di Bibl. These two projects are the main because no other project has been mentioned publically regarding the actress. 

People were eager to know who is Finn Wolfhard dating in 2022? Yes, the answer is Elsie Richter. However, she is not as famous as Finn. 

In an interview with Washington Post, Finn Wolfhard revealed that on one hand, when most of his fans are great, some of the strangers want to dive into his personal life. According to him, these strangers threatened him to release his personal information. One of those strangers asked him to leak Elsie’s address if he will not confirm his relationship with her. After all these threats, he uploaded the photo of them together. These photos gave the answer to the strangers of the question of who is Finn Wolfhard dating in 2022.

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Elsie’s Instagram

Elsie Richter has an amazing number of followers of 162,000. However, her account is not verified yet, but she regularly posts photos of herself and things & moments going on in her life. The most important thing is she doesn’t post the picture of Finn.

Who is Finn Wolfhard Dating in 2022? Know More About Elsie

According to The Sun, Elsie Richter’s mother is Dolly Wells, who is an actress, and her father’s name is Mischa Richter. She also has a younger sibling named Ezra Richter.

She has some male and female friends with whom she often shares some photos on her Instagram account. She has always hidden her private life, due to which we are not sure whether they are her friends or family. However, she loves to be around them in various places. Her life is full of memorable moments and supportive folks, whether she is attending a truck show or hanging out, or reading in an apartment.  

The fans who wanted to know the answer to the question of who is Finn Wolfhard dating in 2022 have started following Elsie’s Instagram account.

We have no idea where Finn Wolfhard and Elsie met and when they started dating each other. However, the audience is quite happy to see both of them together as they look adorable as a couple. The biggest question of the time, Who is Finn Wolfhard dating in 2022, is answered now.

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