Who Is Pretty Vee Dating 2022: Net Worth, Personal Life And More Details

Social media celebrity called Vena Excell who came to stardom on Instagram as Vena E. She has acquired over 5 million Instagram followers on her yesimprettyvee account with her hilarious videos highlighting her pink robe. In 2019, she made her reality premiere on the programme Girls Cruise.

She started working as a host and spokesperson for many brands, one of which being Fashion Nova. She joined the cast of Wild ‘N Out during its eleventh season. She was on the cover of Alpha and other publications.

Who Is Pretty Vee Dating 2022?

At the 2022 BET Awards, the two were spotted getting cosy, and Vee has been said to be Rick Ross’s new girlfriend.

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Online, various rumours about the relationships of famous people have spread throughout the years. Some have appeared much further, while others have sounded true.

Pretty Vee and Rick Ross have joined the ranks of rumoured celebrity couples after their encounter on the red carpet of the BET Awards 2022 earlier on June 26.

In this article, we’ll go through the evidence that fans have used to conclude that they’re dating certainty. It’s not the first time the two have been linked romantically, though; there were rumours they were an item before. What little information we do have about them and their BET Awards 2022 performance includes.

Bet Awards 2022: Pretty Vee And Rick Ross

Video of Rick and Pretty during the awards ceremony has generated much curiosity. Seeing as how Rick couldn’t take his eyes off Pretty, she introduced him as her “bae” on the red carpet.

There was a particular moment between the two, and they marked it with snuggles and cheek kisses. People wondered whether the two were a thing because of their remarkable chemistry and their lighthearted nature.

After their red carpet encounter, people have been wondering what is going on between Rick and Pretty. Among the many tweets made by users,

Sooooooo is Rick Ross & Pretty Vee a thing or what.

While someone other commented,

It’s the way Rick Ross pulled up on Pretty Vee at the end of her hosting job for me! I love them together

What’s Really Going On With All Those Dating Theories


Who Is Pretty Vee Dating 2022
Who Is Pretty Vee Dating 2022

It was originally reported that Rick and Pretty were having an affair in September 2021, when they were spotted together.

The comedian posted an Instagram selfie of herself in a sexually suggestive pose with Rick. Her photo caption read: “Imma Let This Sit.”

It looked like a photo opportunity at the time. Because of Pretty’s on-camera usage of the term “bae” to refer to Rick, it remains to be seen if the two ever develop romantic feelings for one another.

MOT noticed in December 2021 from trustworthy sources that the two had been spending a lot of time together in Rozay’s Atlanta house, despite the fact that neither of them had publicly acknowledged a romantic involvement. In addition, MOT emphasised the strength of their bond.

Pretty Vee Net Worth

The Instagram celebrity Pretty Vee is also one of the most popular and wealthiest in the industry. Pretty Vee Net Worth is $2 million.

Pretty Vee Early Life And Parents

Pretty Vee was born and raised in Miami. No one knows who Vee’s parents are, but she does have a sister called Psalms. She has been known to frequently include references to her parents in her Instagram postings and Q&As, while not disclosing any information about them.

Vee attended college in both North and South Carolina when she was younger. After completing her basic school at the public school, Vena enrolled at Saint Augustine University.

During her time at university, Vee began using Instagram to share videos of herself performing stand-up and dance routines. Beautiful Vee’s early goal was to one day work in the entertainment industry.

Vee, however, is the ideal social media personality because of her charisma and comedic timing. Vee’s extraordinary talent allows her to win over audiences and create devoted followers.

Before she became a viral hit on the internet, Vee worked in a beauty shop.

Pretty Vee Career

  • TikTok was the platform where Vena E initially gained fame as a social media star. Vee began flooding her official account with lip sync and dancing videos.
  • One of Pretty Vee’s dancing videos swiftly racked up millions of views. Following a series of dancing videos, Vee transitioned to releasing comedic skits, focusing mostly on stories about African parenting.
  • Vee began to gain a sizable following on TikTok, but she had her sights set on Instagram fame for quite some time. When Pretty Vee began uploading comedic videos to her Instagram account, it quickly became popular.
  • Pretty Vee became the fastest person to reach one million followers on Instagram in record time.
  • Vee’s trademark Pink Robe, which she wore throughout stand-up routines, helped propel her to stardom.
  • Vee’s Instagram success as a comic led to offers from major reality networks like MTV and Vh1.
  • Among Vena’s many accomplishments is her appearance on the groundbreaking MTV Wild’N Out programme.
  • When Pretty Vee became the crowd favourite, her popularity skyrocketed. To launch her YouTube channel, Vena began doing dating and other pranks for MTV.

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