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Why Creed 3 Does Not Need a Post Credits Scene?

Why Creed 3 Does Not Need a Post Credits Scene

Why Creed 3 Does Not Need a Post Credits Scene

Should audiences anticipate a post-credits scene in Creed III, which features the titular boxer’s comeback, and Creed 4, which franchise actor Michael B. Jordan has confirmed? With Creed III, Jordan makes his feature film directing debut, adapting a screenplay by Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin.

In this dual role, the actor-turned-director plays Adonis “Donnie” Creed once more as he prepares to battle Jonathan Majors’ Damian Anderson. Critics have generally given Creed III favorable reviews, and the threequel is currently rated higher on Rotten Tomatoes than Creed II. Many have praised the movie’s action sequences and commitment to a realistic character-driven plot.

In Creed III, Tessa Thompson reprises her role as Bianca while Phylicia Rashad plays Adonis’ mother, Mary-Anne. Mila Davis-Kent also makes her acting debut as Amara, Adonis and Bianca’s daughter. The movie continues the tradition started by Creed in 2016, but it also takes a slightly different turn by looking back at Creed’s earlier years.

A post-credits sequence might suggest what’s to come, as Jordan has said there would be a Creed 4 and possible spin-offs.

Creed 3 Does Not Have A Post-Credits Scene

Despite the possibility of a sequel, Creed III lacks a post-credits sequence. The movie continues the tradition of its predecessors, which likewise omitted any post-credits scenes.

The lack of a post-credits scene enables the viewer to reflect on the story they were given, especially the events that contributed to Creed III’s spectacular ending, while the credits begin to roll.

Creed III might indeed have hinted at what Adonis and his family might expect in the future, but even if Creed 4 has been confirmed, it’s probably too early to predict what will happen after that.

Why Creed 3 Does Not Need a Post Credits Scene

Despite the lack of a post-credits scene in Creed III, viewers can still appreciate how many people worked on the movie and how much effort went into making it what it is as the credits roll. As was already noted, there is much to consider regarding the plot, the characters, what happened, and what they might do next.

The Creed movies frequently move around in time, so it would be intriguing to speculate about what will happen to Adonis and his family after the credits roll or to talk with family or friends about what happened in Creed III.

Why does Creed 3 not Need a Post Credits Scene?

Creed III is a self-contained narrative with a distinct start, middle, and end. Creed III does not need to hint at what can happen next, even while it continues Adonis’ journey. It tells a single story at a time, just like its forerunners. Without adding a post-credits scene to Creed II, Creed III keeps viewers updated on what has been happening with Adonis.

To keep his fans informed about his new series, CREED3 has offered the following post-credits scene from the film:

The same is probably going to be true in Creed 4. Also, Creed III doesn’t benefit from having a teaser at the movie’s end because it’s not apparent where the story will go next. Because they emphasized stand-alone storytelling, the Creed films were successful.

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Also, since none of the other movies had a post-credits scene, Creed III would stand out as the only one to do so. A little sequence after the credits wouldn’t have added anything significant or helpful to the movie, which already has a compelling enough plot.

Ultimately, Creed III succeeds on its terms, and a post-credits scene would not have added much to the overall plot or visual aesthetic.

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