‘Today’ Star Hoda Kotb Divulge How She Really Feels About Break Up with Ex Joel Schiffman

When she is not appearing on the Today program, Hoda Kotb makes the most of her time off by spending time with her kids, Hope Catherine and Haley Joy. Even though she has a lot on her plate with her profession and her parental obligations, she isn’t ruling out the chance of falling in love all over again.

Hoda broke the news during the fourth hour of Today in late January that Hoda and Joel Break up , whom she had been engaged to marry and are no longer together as a pair.

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In this article, we will cover Hoda and Joel break up reason and how is Hoda feeling after Hoda and Joel break up. As Hoda and Joel break up is a piece of very shocking news for many. Moreover, Hoda and Joel break up  is very much in discussion.

The two first became acquainted during the summer of 2013, and after a total of six years spent together, they announced their engagement in November 2019. The coronavirus epidemic caused Hoda and Joel’s wedding date to be postponed many times, even though they had always intended to be married “sooner rather than later.” But Hoda and Joel break up is the end of their love story.

Hoda said that she and the investor came to the conclusion over the winter vacations of 2021 that they wanted to be “friends and parents.” During the celebration of the Today show’s 70th anniversary, she gave an interview to Daily Mail in which she discussed her dating life at present.

The presenter of the podcast Making Space claims that the topic is not particularly pressing for her at the moment. On May 11, she shared her thoughts with the publication, “No, I believe particularly when you have kids, you take a beat [after suffering through a split],” she said. “I’m concentrating on them right now.”

Hoda and Joel Break up
Hoda and Joel Break up

In addition, she discussed how she feels about the split now that some time has passed. She told the outlet, “We all make decisions that are for us, and I feel powerful and I feel happy about my decision.” “We all make choices that are for us.” “I’m just sort of going on with life,” she said.

The remarks of the I Needed This Today author were a repetition of what the radio hostess had first stated when she broke the news of their split to the public.

“I feel like frequently we share the joyful aspects of our lives and the tough things sometimes [we] just want to forget about,” Hoda said to Jenna Bush Hager, another cohost on Today.

“I feel like often we share the cheerful portions of our lives.” “But I believe a lot of women know what it feels like in this time to be changing course in life, and I feel extremely bold at this moment… I think a lot of women know what it feels like at this moment to be changing course in life.” When you get to a certain point in your life, you just have to tell the truth.

Hoda provided greater detail to People about what she sees as the trajectory of her future, and she is certain that there is someone out there who is meant for her.

She provided the source with the following response: “I haven’t thought about who I would picture myself with, but I do have to say something.” “At one point, my sister stated to me and questioned me about whether or not I was terrified of being by myself.


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Hoda Kotb after Hoda and Joel break up.

I responded by telling her that I would not be spending the night by myself. And I’m not sure why I said it so plainly, but I was aware that my heart is wide open the whole time. I am a kind person.

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Hoda continued: “It’s not that difficult. It has not been concealed in any way. Therefore, I am aware that it will occur at some point in time, and I can see it happening. When? I am unable to comment, but I did reassure her by telling her, “Oh, don’t worry.” No worries. I said I’m going to be fine.'”

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