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WWE’s New NFL-Inspired Title Belts: The Ultimate Championship Belt Collection!

WWE's New NFL-Inspired Title Belts

WWE's New NFL-Inspired Title Belts

WWE has just announced a new line of NFL-inspired title belts, and fans are wondering if this is the ultimate championship belt collection. The belts feature the official colors and branding of all 32 NFL teams, and they are sure to be a hit with fans of both WWE and the NFL. But are they really the ultimate championship belt collection? Only time will tell.

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WWE and NFL Collaborate on Championship Belt Collection:

The NFL and WWE have started a new partnership. They plan to make special WWE championship belts that show off the colors and logos of all 32 NFL teams. People can buy these products starting today on three websites:,, and This is the first time WWE and the NFL have worked together in this way.

WWE is expanding its belt-making business. They made a similar deal with baseball (MLB) in August 2021. In September of the same year, they got permission to make special designs for 14 college football teams from the SEC.

“The WWE and NFL have teamed up to create the ultimate fan collectible: NFL-inspired WWE legacy title belts. Learn more about this exciting new partnership here:

You can now buy a WWE championship belt with your favorite NFL team’s name and logo on it. The NFL and WWE have teamed up to make and sell these special belts. They have the colors and logos of all 32 NFL teams. You can buy these belts on the NFL’s and WWE’s shopping websites. This is the first time the NFL and WWE have made a deal like this.

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