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Who Is Braun Strowman? Is There Any Chance Strowman Will Return To WWE?

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Braun Strowman is an American wrestler who works for a living. He has signed to WWE and won the 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble Match in 2018. This made him the current Greatest Royal Rumble Champion. Adam Joseph Scherr was the name he was given when he was born in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina.

Before he became a professional football player, he used to play for the Hickory Hornets, a semi-professional team. He also went to the NFL Scouting Combine but didn’t get picked up by a group. In the end, he started working as a strongman, and in 2011 he won the NAS US Amateur National Championship, which gave him his Strongman Corporation Professional Card.

The following year, he also won the Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships. After that, he went to work for WWE after signing a contract with them. He then took the name “Braun Strowman” in the ring. In 2014, he went to his first live event and fought Chad Gable. Gable was finally beaten, and Strowman won in the end.

He has won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship and the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Championship since his first match. He was also in the movie “Three Count” and has been in two wrestling video games.

Braun Strowman Early Life

Adam Scherr was born in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina, on September 6, 1983. Scherr helped him get his diploma from Bandys High School, where he played sports like football and wrestling. After he finished high school, he got into football and played semi-professionally for the Hickory Hornets.

Strowman changed careers and became a strongman. He won the NAS US Amateur National Championship in this field. He won the NAS US Amateur National Championship in 2012.

He also participated in the SCL North American Championships, where he came in fifth, and the Giants Live Poland event, where he came in seventh. Strowman was invited to the 2013 Arnold Strongman Classic because of how well he has done in his strongman career.

Braun Strowman Career

Before Braun became a wrestler, he worked as a mechanic and security guard in North Carolina. But he wanted to be a part of the strongman because he loved sports. He also participated in many events and won many trophies and medals, now on display in his room.

He was forced to be a strongman for three years. During that time, he worked hard at his job, which helped him win several competitions for his country. So, he became the fastest athlete in the history of the world to become a professional strongman.

WWE Raw Braun strawman

Braun Strowman Wrestling Career

Early in 2013, Adam Joseph Scherr signed a deal with WWE. He was sent to Florida to work at the WWE Performance Center. He soon started going by the ring name Braun Strowman. In December 2014, he beat Chad Gable in his first match as a professional wrestler. The following year, he fought a wrestler he didn’t know in a dark match at a taping of “Main Event.” He won again.

In a match against Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in August 2015, he made his debut on the roster and became a member of the Wyatt Family. On the August 31 episode of Raw, he had his first singles match on TV. He beat Ambrose by disqualification. In September, he participated in his first pay-per-view match at Night of Champions. In a six-man tag team match, the Wyatt Family beat Ambrose, Reigns, and Chris Jericho again.

In January 2016, Strowman took part in the Royal Rumble. He could get rid of five opponents before Brock Lesnar got rid of him. He then returned to the match and helped the members of the Wyatt Family beat Lesnar and get rid of him. The Wyatt Family lost when Big Show, Kane, and Ryback beat them at the Fastlane event in February. The next night, when they played again, they won.

The Wyatt Family was supposed to play against The League of Nations at Payback on May 1, 2016. But because Wyatt hurt himself, the match was eventually called off. The Wyatt Family started a feud with the WWE Tag Team Champions, “The New Day,” in July. In a six-man tag team match, the Wyatt Family beat “The New Day.”

As part of the 2016 WWE draft, Strowman was picked for the Raw brand. This put him in a different group than Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan. It also led to him releasing his first single. Over the next few weeks, he easily beat several local wrestlers. After fighting a few other wrestlers, he was supposed to fight Zayn. However, they fought each other before the match started, so it didn’t happen.

He went against Zayn again at the Survivor Series five-on-five elimination match for a spot on Team Raw. This time, he got rid of Zayn. But in the actual event, he was the first person to be taken out. On the Raw show from December 13, it was said Strowman and Zayn would fight each other.

He only had ten minutes to beat Zayn, but he couldn’t do it. In the end, he defeated Zayn in a Last Man Standing match on the Raw episode on January 2, 2017. At the beginning of 2017, he started trying to win the Universal Championship.

In a Fatal 4-way match, he challenged the champion Brock Lesnar along with Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe. But he couldn’t beat Lesnar, so Lesnar kept his title. Even though he tried many times, he could not win the title. He was given a chance to win the title again in an Elimination Chamber match with seven other #1 contenders.

At WrestleMania 34, he was given a chance to try for the Raw Tag Team Championship, as long as he found a tag team partner. He picked a young fan from the crowd named Nicholas as his tag team partner and beat Cesaro and Sheamus. Nicholas became the youngest champion of any type in WWE history.

In April 2018, Strowman competed in the Greatest Royal Rumble. After 13 eliminations, he won the championship.

Braun Strowman Returns To WWE Raw

When Braun Strowman came back to WWE Raw, he destroyed The New Day, The Street Profits, Alpha Academy, and Los Lotharios in a Fatal 4-Way tag team match that was otherwise fun.

PWInsider (via Wrestling Inc.) said that Strowman would return to WWE on Raw, and in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Triple H said he had talked to Strowman. “He’s funny because he’s sometimes a divisive figure in the business,” Triple H said.”But he’s a fantastic athlete for a guy his size and with what he brings to the table. You don’t see too many big, fast, and exciting guys like him.”

Even during the picture-in-picture commercial break, Strowman destroyed Raw’s tag team division. He should be considered a possible top contender to Roman Reigns’ too-predictable reign as WWE Undisputed Universal Champion. Last week’s episode of WWE Raw, the go-home show for WWE Clash at the Castle 2022, had 2.100 million viewers.

Braun Strowman Net Worth

Braun Strowman is becoming a big name, now worth $2 million. In the same way, his WWE contract said that he made $1.2 million a year.

Braun is also very interested in cars, and it’s clear that if you make seven figures, you can buy as many vehicles as you want. Some of the nice cars in his collection are the Dodge Ram 2500, the Toyota Supra, and the 1987 Buick Grand National.

Braun needs to pay extra attention to what he eats to keep his body in good shape. He also eats like a monster. A typical breakfast for him is two chicken breasts, eight scrambled eggs, three chunks of bacon, marble raisin toast, a large glass of orange juice, and water. He eats about 15,000 calories every day.


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