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WWE Smackdown Ronda Rousey: Bring Back Some Celebrities Eliminated Due to Financial Cuts

WWE Smackdown Ronda Rousey

WWE Smackdown Ronda Rousey

WWE Smackdown Ronda Rousey: In her most recent Instagram post, Ronda Rousey took a scathing stab at WWE’s previous budget cuts.

Last week on WWE SmackDown, the Baddest Woman On The Planet made an unexpected cameo. When Rousey arrived, she opened a bag and put a wad of cash onto a table.

Rousey recently poked fun at WWE in a post featuring photos and footage from her SmackDown appearance. The former female champion advised the corporation to put the money to good use, noting that it may aid in “budget savings.”

She ended her statement by demanding that WWE re-sign some of the superstars they had previously dropped so that she could “kick their asses.”

Rousey has made a post, which you can view if you click HERE.

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The Live Smackdown Audience Gave Ronda Rousey a Rousing Ovation

WWE Smackdown Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey’s popularity among WWE fans appears to be rising. The audience at WWE SmackDown went wild when she made an appearance. Rousey did a great job on the mic and ended the part with a significant jab at her real-life pal Shayna Baszler.

The Rowdy One’s Instagram post raised eyebrows among fans because it appeared to allude to WWE’s recent release of a large number of performers due to “budget cuts.” Several members of the WWE Universe disagreed with the logic, and the corporation took a lot of heat after the releases on social media.

As many as 18 WWE Superstars were suddenly made available in the month of November 2021. Many well-known wrestlers, like IMPACT Wrestling star Jordynne Grace, were dissatisfied with the reductions. Here’s how she responded:

Rousey is someone who hasn’t held back while stating her mind in the past. In the past, she has criticized WWE by labeling it “fake.” If the comments are any indication, her most recent post was met with a lot of enthusiasm from readers.
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