XYZ to Relaunch 5 TLDs in June at Lower Prices

XYZ Registry is relaunching the .homes, .autos, .motorcycles, .boats, and .yachts domain names on June 14 after getting the top-level domains from Dominion Domains last year.

The firm expects the domains to retail for about $20 a year, down from $50-$100 right now. Current discount prices for these domains are around $25-$50, so this suggests that XYZ will charge around $10 per year.

Dominion originally launched its domains with restrictions that required registrants to prove a tie to the relevant industry. Its goal was to sell them to clients of its sites, including and It made it hard for the registrar channel to sell the domains, too.

It later removed restrictions and tried to reengage with the registrar channel but got little traction.

The lower price for .autos will be in stark contrast to what XYZ charges for .car, .cars and .auto. Those domains retail for about $2,000-$3,000 per year.

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