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10 People Injured in Lakeland Shooting: Authorities Searching for Suspect!

10 People Injured in Lakeland Shooting

10 People Injured in Lakeland Shooting

Police in Lakeland, Florida, said a drive-by shooting left at least ten injured, two of whom are in critical condition. Sam Taylor, the chief of the Lakeland Police Department, described the arrival of a dark-blue Nissan four-door sedan at the shooting scene.

“The vehicle slowed, did not stop, and the four windows went down. It appeared to be occupied by four shooters in the vehicle,” Taylor said. Males were being shot on both sides as they began firing from the vehicle’s four windows.

At a news conference on Monday evening, Taylor stated that eight victims had non-life-threatening injuries. Only three casualties, aged 20 to 35, were transferred by emergency management personnel. He claimed that the other people were removed in private automobiles.

10 People Injured in Lakeland Shooting

According to the chief, police believe it was a targeted incident. Police are “actively looking for that vehicle now,” Taylor said. The Nissan, which had temporary tags, fled the scene quickly.

“We will be out most of the night trying to figure out who these individuals are in the vehicle,” Taylor said. According to Taylor, the police are searching for at least four males who may have been hiding their faces. To aid the investigation, he pleaded with neighbors to call in with any information they might have.

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According to Taylor, authorities discovered a “quantity” of marijuana at the location, which suggests that “narcotics sales or marijuana sales were taking place at the time.” “It is unknown whether that is significant or connected to this.”

In his 34 years with the agency, the chief claimed he had never worked on a case where there had been so many shootings at once. “This is something that doesn’t happen in Lakeland,” Taylor said.

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