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Braun Strowman Has Some Serious Heat On Him!

Braun Strowman Has Some Serious Heat On Him!

Braun Strowman Has Some Serious Heat On Him!

Braun Strowman Has Some Serious Heat On Him: The former black sheep of the Wyatt Family, Braun Strowman, has rejoined the WWE after being re-signed by Triple H. Strowman has fought Omos since making a comeback on the WWE scene, and he has already generated a ton of controversy in the process.

An experienced WWE employee told Ringside News that Braun Strowman has a reputation for arriving late and departing early. The Monster Of All Monsters is experiencing other problems backstage in addition to this one.

Additionally, it was stated that “others are doubting if he’s serious about this race.” It turns out that these concerns are motivated by the aforementioned factors and are “primarily merely about his ego and attitude.” You may also check our trending post, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Daughter, Simone.

Braun Strowman Has Some Serious Heat On Him!

During his last tenure, Braun Strowman earned a reputation for making poor judgment calls on social media. After causing a stir with his remarks about independent wrestlers going unpaid during the epidemic, he eventually became a free agent and set out to find any jobs that would accommodate his absurd demands.

PW Insider stated at the time that “Strowman’s manager Nick Antocelli has quoted ’20-25K’ for a three-hour appearance to numerous promoters that have reached out with their interest in Strowman making appearances.”

Bookers were also expected to cover the costs of two nights’ worth of hotel lodging, meals, and first-class transport. During his initial tenure with WWE, Strowman was earning $1.2 million annually.

Although Braun Strowman is undoubtedly confident, we don’t know how much money he is making this time around in WWE. He attacked “flippy-floppy” behavior after claiming that his match with Omos at WWE Crown Jewel was a five-star event.

Another blaze of controversy erupted over that, both within and outside the WWE locker room. We’ll have to wait and see what Triple H has in store for Braun Strowman this time, but avoiding social media might seriously benefit him.

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