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Carlacia Grant Age: How Old is the Cleo Actress From the Outer Banks?

Carlacia Grant Age

Carlacia Grant Age

Carlacia Grant plays Cleo in Netflix’s Outer Banks, which has been a terrific platform for up-and-coming actors to shine. But what more do we know about the actress, including her age, social media presence, and previous roles?

Over the years, Netflix has been able to provide a platform for upcoming performers to demonstrate their talent to the world thanks to its abundance of movies and TV shows. Outer Banks, a TV show about a gang of daring teens, is a good example of this since it has introduced viewers to a slew of emerging stars, many of whom are just starting in the business.

Carlacia Grant Age

Actress Carlacia Grant will play Cleo in Outer Banks. Carlacia Grant was born on January 18, 1991, in New Haven, Connecticut. As of the release of Outer Banks seasons 3 in February 2023, she will be 32 years old.

Although Cleo in the Outer Banks series is only 17 years old, the actress is 15 years older than her role, but she is undoubtedly mature for her age considering her difficult upbringing. Carlacia was born in Connecticut but later migrated to Florida with her Jamaican and Haitian-born family.

Carlacia is quite active on social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram, where she currently has close to a million followers. This is typical of many actresses in the contemporary entertainment industry.

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Cleo in Outer Banks

Cleo made her debut in Outer Banks’ second season when she met John B. and Sarah on a ship bound for Nassau in the Bahamas. When Sarah agreed to share some of the Royal Merchant’s gold with them, she and the boat’s captain Terrance prepared to turn the Pogues over to the authorities.

Carlacia Grant Age

After helping John B and Sarah escape Nassau with the police closing in, Cleo vanished for several episodes. In the season 2 finale, she returned to the Coastal Venture and assisted the Pogues in their unsuccessful attempt to take the Cross of Santo Domingo from Ward and Rafe.

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Cleo was left alone with the Pogues on a barren island they refer to as Poguelandia after season 2. Cleo is well on her way to becoming a fully-fledged member of the Pogues in the recently released third season of Outer Banks, and she also begins to form a bond with Pope after their chance encounters aboard the Coastal Venture.

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