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Outer Banks Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Big John Actually Alive?

Outer Banks Season 2 Ending Explained

Outer Banks Season 2 Ending Explained

Outer Banks’ second season would rock your world if you thought the season one conclusion was crazy. In typical Netflix tradition, the season two finale was a complete disaster. A group of youngsters known as the Pogues is the subject of the Netflix television series Outer Banks, which centers on their hunt for a treasure lost for a century.

The leader of the Pogues, John B., is also looking for his missing father, who is believed to be dead. It seems like your typical TV drama. Wrong. You’d be shocked to learn what may occur in a small beach town in North Carolina, including betrayal, murder, and other crimes.

After season one, John B. and his girlfriend Sarah elude the police after John B. is falsely accused of killing Sheriff Peterkin (Sarah’s brother Rafe is responsible for the crime). The couple rides through a cyclone to escape the police but is separated at sea.

The remaining Pogues, Kie, Pope, and JJ, lament their alleged companions’ passing. Nevertheless, in the final few minutes of season one, a video depicts Sarah and John B. making it through their shipwreck and boarding an unidentified ship bound for Nassau, Bahamas.

Ward, Sarah’s cruel father who killed John B.’s father, transferred the treasure to Nassau, where Sarah and John B. traveled. Season two begins, bringing with it more murder and mystery.

The police catch Sarah and John B. after trying in vain to steal the gold from Sarah’s family’s beach mansion. With the help of their new buddy Cleo, they manage to escape and board a boat sailing to Charlotte.

Outer Banks Season 2 Ending Explained

Following the receipt of a tip that someone can clear John B.’s name, the remaining members of the Pogues—Kie, JJ, and Pope—are also in Charlotte. The group meets Carla Limbrey in Charlotte, where she pressures Pope to give over another valuable item called the gold cross.

The Pogues continue to look for the gold cross for the rest of the season while dodging danger from Ward (Sarah’s father), Rafe, and their newest foe, Carla.

Outer Banks Season 2 Ending Explained

The Pogues lost the gold cross to…you got it! In addition to losing the Royal Merchant Gold to Sarah’s evil family, they also lost the gold cross. The Cameron family is Sarah.

How? On a cargo ship with the Camerons and the Pogues, Ward attempts to murder Sarah before John B. saves her. Since if they can’t have it, then no one can, the remaining Pogues attempt to toss the cross overboard.

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Nevertheless, as they struggle, Rafe corners Pope and takes the crucifix himself. Because the Camerons will kill them if they don’t, the Pogues abandon ship. In the final moments of season two, we see Limbrey reuniting with John B.’s father, Big John, who is presumed to have passed away.

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Big John assures Limbrey that if she helps John B. and his friends, he will assist her in locating the Shroud of Turin, a supposed magical healing cloth hidden in the gold cross. There you have it, then. Season two concludes in this way, with more questions than answers. Is the Turin Shroud genuinely magical?

How are the Pogues going to get off the deserted island? Will Rafe and Ward ever be sentenced to prison? Will our favorite father and son pair eventually get back together, too? We can only hope that season three will provide all the details.

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