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Eric Adjepong Wife: Who Is Top Chef’s Eric Adjepong Partner?

Eric Adjepong Wife

Eric Adjepong Wife

Chef Eric Adjepong of Washington, D.C., continues to be a culinary genius after finishing as a finalist in Season 16 of Top Chef. He is also a writer, a teacher, and the host of Alex Vs. America.

He is also a loving husband and father to Janell, whom he told Essence he knew was the one while “watching the movie Lucy in her apartment in Harlem, NY.”

While occasionally posting pictures of himself with friends and family, Eric’s social media updates typically consist of images and videos used for marketing.

Despite the fact that there aren’t any pictures of the two of them right now on his Instagram, Eric, and Janell have been together happily since 2016. They even started a business together called Pinch & Plate.

But outside the meal industry, Janell has also accomplished a lot independently. Here is what we know about Eric’s wife and family in light of that.

Eric Adjepong’s Wife, Janell, Is A Lead Human Resources Specialist

In addition to serving as the FDA’s chief human resources professional in Washington, D.C., Janell co-founded Pinch & Plate with Eric in 2015. Pinch & Plate specializes in pop-up dinner parties and event organizing.

“She has a vision. It’s good when it’s great; when you both love it, and you’re both having a good time. It doesn’t feel like work,” Eric told Cuisine Noir in 2018.

She told Essence that she prayed for Eric and that he was the perfect man for her marriage since she loved his heart so much. Since then, the two of them have maintained a love relationship. They now reside in Washington, D.C.

Eric Adjepong And His Wife Janell Have One Kid

In addition to being dedicated spouses, Eric and Janell are committed parents to their daughter Lennox, who is four years old. Eric appears to be enjoying fatherhood as evidenced by the numerous images of him and Lennox that he has shared on Instagram in recent years.

In a 2022 interview with People, Eric discussed his activities with his family and mentioned that he likes to “stay in, make pancakes, and watch TV in pajamas” on Sundays. He further acknowledged that Lennox’s taste is “sophisticated for a four-year-old,” but it is still a “four-year-old palate.”

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“Nobody can beat Cheez-Its. That’s the go-to. That’s her stuff right there,” he admitted.

Despite Hosting ‘Alex Vs. America’, Eric Adjepong, And Janell Live Blissfully

Eric will be busy once more after learning that Alex Vs. America has been extended for a third season. Hosting a show can be pretty time-consuming. Even the chief chef, Alex Guarnaschelli, might lose to chefs from different states in this amusing competition.

Over 9 million viewers per episode, or nearly twice as many as Season 1, were seen in Season 2 on average. Since its debut in 2022, it has maintained its popularity, and on April 16 at 8 p.m. EST, the third season is set to launch on the Food Network.

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