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Jamie Foxx Illness: Why Did He Get The Hospitalized?

Jamie Foxx Illness

When Jamie Foxx became unwell and had to be taken to the hospital, much to his family’s grief, he was filming a brand-new Hollywood blockbuster in Atlanta.

Why Was Jamie Foxx Hospitalized?

Jamie’s family has begged for privacy and has not revealed the specifics of his enigmatic hospitalization.

On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, his daughter Corinne Foxx shared the following brief statement on Instagram: “We wanted to share that my father Jamie Foxx experienced a medical complication yesterday [April 11].”

The statement continued: “We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers.”

“The family asks for privacy during this time.”

The American actor was unexpectedly taken ill during filming a scene for the upcoming Netflix comedy Back In Action, in which he co-stars with Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close.

Loyal followers flocked to social media to express their worry and support for the comedian.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Fam can they please not scare me about Jamie Foxx like that my heart d**n near sank. I’m glad he’s okay tho!”

Another fan said: “Just had a heart attack opening Instagram seeing Jamie Foxx almost died we can’t lose him too wtf.”

After earlier filming in England, the movie was currently in Atlanta when the “medical complication” occurred.

How Is Jamie Foxx?

Thankfully, Foxx appears fine and is well-known for his appearances in Annie, Django Unchained, and the Amazing Spider-Man films.

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In the declaration, Corinne attested, “Luckily due to quick action and great care he is already on his way to recovery.”

Foxx is “communicating now,” according to TMZ, which is “good news” for the family.

According to the site, the problem was so severe that Jamie’s family, some of whom were out of town, hurried to the hospital.

It is currently unknown what complication Jamie is going through because no more information about the celebrity’s condition has been made public.


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