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Jose Canseco Wife: About Marriages of MLB Star

Jose Canseco Wife

Jose Canseco Wife

José Canseco Capas Jr. (born July 2, 1964) is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder and designated hitter who goes by the nicknames Parkway Jose, Mr. 40-40, and El Caonero Cubano (The Cuban Cannon).

He made a name for himself as one of the best power hitters in the game while playing with the Oakland Athletics. He was a six-time All-Star and won the Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player awards in 1986 and 1988, respectively.

Canseco won the World Series twice, once with the New York Yankees (1989) and once with the Oakland A’s (1989). (2000).

Jose Canseco Wife

Jessica Canseco was Jose Canseco’s second wife who wrote the autobiography “Juicy: Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife.” She was in Hollywood Exes and married Garth Fisher.

He first met Canseco while Jessica was a waitress at Hooters. They dated for some time before being married in August 1996. In 1999, the couple got divorced.

José Canseco acknowledged that his marriage to Esther Haddad cost him a significant portion of his wealth in a sit-down interview with VH1.

Jose Canseco Ex Wifes

In 1988, Jose Canseco and Esther Haddad got hitched. Canseco was named the most valuable player in Major League Baseball that year and earned the most money.

Esther has Cuban ancestry on her mother’s side and Lebanese origin on her father’s. In junior high school, José was coached by Esther’s father. Before getting married, the couple dated each other for a long time.

They exchanged vows in the Tropical town of Coral Gables. In front of 250 people at a Catholic gathering, they both reiterated their vows. Miss Miami in 1986 was Esther.

Canseco was at the Miami-based Scandinavian Health Club. The player struggled for a long to get Esther to go out with him. Canseco and Dave Stewart’s $10,000 wager on getting married before the November 5, 1988 deadline was successful.

Here are some further updates that are similar to this one:

The couple’s marriage quickly crashed when Canseco was even charged with aggravated violence. In 1992, the former outfielder was the one who called it quits on the union just four years in. According to Esther’s attorney, Canseco never even stated why he wanted a divorce.

There were many issues with the property settlements. The pair had homes worth $1.55 million in Coral Gables, $1.3 million in Contra Costa County, and a townhouse for $1 million in San Ramon during their relationship.

They also possessed a Ferrari Testarossa, a Toyota 4Runner, a Porsche 928, and a Porsche 930.

Jose Canseco’s Girlfriend

Currently, José Canseco is involved in a relationship. Because of his heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, he is still a well-known figure. Through his marriages, he suffered significant financial losses from which he has struggled to recover.

He still mentors young players when necessary and is an active member of the baseball community. Canseco and Leila Shennib have reportedly been dating since 2008.

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