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Who Is Josh Moonshiners’ Partner: Does He Have Any Offsprings?

Josh Moonshiners Partner

Josh Moonshiners Partner

Josh Owens is one of the stars of the reality TV show Moonshiners, which follows the lives of people who illegally distill alcohol in the Appalachian region. Josh is known for his expertise in crafting high-quality spirits, as well as his passion for the outdoors and motocross racing. But what about his personal life? Who is his partner, and does he have any offspring? Here is what we know.

Josh Moonshiners Partner

It looks like Josh is a single man as of right now. With more than 78.8k followers on Instagram, he does not appear to be dating anybody special, and no one who even somewhat resembles a romantic partner of his has ever featured on Moonshiners or in any of his press appearances.

Josh is neither married nor in a relationship, yet he is the father of Elizabeth Reese Owens, a daughter. He was supposedly in a relationship in the past with Amber Lynn GabrĖc, but it has never been made clear whether or not she is Elizabeth’s mother. Cutiepie was the name of the dog that the ex-couple had.

How Did Josh Moonshiners Get His Start On ‘Moonshiners’?

As was previously established, Josh initially had no intention of becoming a moonshiner. The late Barney Barnwell, a former cast member and ardent moonshiner, was a lifetime buddy of the reality star, who first gained notoriety as a professional motocross racer.

Josh was in the middle of constructing an underground still to distill the moonshine that Barney had given him a commission to make when he went away. Barney passed away before the project could be finished, so Josh decided to finish it himself.

You can check out the Instagram post:

Josh developed an interest in moonshining and started using some of his friends’ old equipment to operate Barney’s old machinery as a way to pay tribute to his friend. The founders of Moonshiners called him shortly after to offer him a role as a cast member, and the rest is history.

Josh debuted on the popular reality show in Season 2 back in November of 2012, and he has been a cast member and regular ever since. Over his ten years on the show, the celebrity has garnered a fan base who relish his adventures in moonshine distillation and racing during his free time.

Josh Moonshiner Family Background

Moonshiner and world-class superbike and motocross racer Josh Owens have purposefully concealed information on his family history. Josh, who was raised in North Carolina, has developed a public persona that is primarily associated with his successful career in motorsports and his moonshining activities.

Despite his notoriety from the reality TV program “Moonshiners,” details about his parents and siblings—as well as his immediate family—are still unknown. Despite the secrecy, Josh Owens is considered to be a loving father to Elizabeth Reese Owens, his daughter.

This information provides a unique window into the moonshiner’s private life. Josh keeps quiet about the details of his family, but his recognition of his job as a devoted father gives his character a heartfelt depth. Because Josh Owens has remained mysterious, his admirers and followers are curious to learn more about the lesser-known details of his life story.

What is Josh Moonshiners’ Net Worth?

Josh may conduct his business on the illegal side, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made a sizable profit in his lifetime. Josh’s estimated net worth is $2 million, and he reportedly earns $100,000 a year, according to a source.

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