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Linda Yaccarino Husband: Her Husband Isn’t Active On Twitter Or Any Social Media

Linda Yaccarino Husband

Linda Yaccarino Husband

Linda Yaccarino, a marketing executive, is a force in her industry. The Pennsylvania State University alumnus has been employed by NBCUniversal as the chairman of global partnerships and advertising since 2011.

When Elon Musk announced in May 2023 that he was resigning as Twitter’s CEO less than a year after purchasing it, she caused a stir. Elon will continue to own the well-known app, but Linda is allegedly the front-runner to succeed him as CEO.

Linda has worked in advertising for almost three decades and has connections in the dynamic content creation field. The executive uses Twitter and other social media platforms frequently. As there are fleeting glimpses of him on her social media, Linda’s husband may prefer to let his wife take center stage online.

Linda Yaccarino Husband

So who is the husband of Linda Yaccarino? Here is what we know about her personal life.

Who Is Linda Yaccarino’s Husband? He Isn’t Active On Social Media

You can tell Linda enjoys connecting with her 26,000+ followers on Twitter by just scrolling down her profile. It’s clear that Linda doesn’t care who sees her posts, whether promoting an NBC event or TV show or sharing an article that she finds attractive. On the other hand, her spouse didn’t seem to follow in his wife’s footsteps.

A page on Twitter has talked about Linda Yaccarino and their husband and her life you can read below.

Claude Peter Madrazo, Linda’s spouse, is a mystery online because he has no open social media accounts. Not much is known about his occupation, despite one claim indicating that he had worked for Turner Broadcasting.

There is evidence that Claude has a LinkedIn profile, where he identified himself as an “owner.” However, he has no pictures or information about his former or current jobs.

Claude has no issues following his wife on her Instagram account, despite not seeming to wish to have a significant internet presence. Linda frequently shares pictures and videos of the two at functions or on vacation.

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She shared a photo in August 2022 of Claude, their family, and themselves enjoying a bottle of wine in Tuscany. Both Linda and Claude are Italian natives of Sea Cliff, New York.

Linda’s Kids Also Prefer To Keep Their Social Media Activities Private

Christian and Matthew were the couple’s two offspring throughout their marriage. Linda likes to celebrate her children online, much like her husband. However, it appeared that Linda’s children shared their private lives with the public like their father.

Despite having a private Instagram account, Christian, a pediatric nurse at New York Presbyterian Hospital, doesn’t mind if her mother shares pictures of her accomplishments.

The couple welcomed Christian’s fiancé into their family when Linda announced in November 2022 that her daughter, Christian, had been engaged to her longtime love, Joshua Schwartz. Christian and Josh made their November 2023 wedding announcement on The Knot, even though Christian is reluctant to share personal information with strangers.

Additionally, Matthew doesn’t promote himself online. His LinkedIn profile indicates that he is the sales director at Studio 71 in New York and is active on the platform. But Melissa Madrazo, his wife, also has a personal Instagram account. However, she has a profile photo of Linda’s infant granddaughter wearing a pink tutu.

A different image of Linda Yaccarino’s mother, Isabella Yaccarino, cuddling her great-grandchild was posted by Linda in March 2023.


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