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The Challenge Ride or Dies Finale: Johnny Bananas Eight-Time Champion!

The Challenge Ride or Dies Finale

The Challenge Ride or Dies Finale

The Challenge: The 100-hour final of Ride or Dies is over, and boy, was it a doozy. In the Wednesday season finale, seven-time champion Johnny Bananas puts everything he has into trying to earn his eighth victory. Still, his main goal is to support his partner and buddy, Nany Gonzalez, in securing her first significant triumph.

Jordan Wisely and Aneesa Ferreira, though, are obstructing their progress. One is a genuine force to be reckoned with, whereas the other is a seasoned pro (albeit one with a busted ankle). The wise and dependable Devin Walker and Tori Deal, who have been steadfast throughout the entire season, are also competing for the money.

There will be a new Challenge champion, regardless of which side prevails. So who won a million bucks and was left empty-handed? Let’s review and talk about the main points. I’ll never eat spaghetti again after last week’s fantastic eating display.

Okay, that’s a lie, but Nany and Bananas gain extra chalk bombs for their upcoming assignment of attacking targets while perched on the helipad. But the endeavor turns out to be much more complicated than anticipated.

However, Tori and Devin demonstrate that it is a Mission: Possible, and as a result of their success, they leave first for the next challenge.

The Challenge Ride or Dies Finale

Everyone is unsure what to do when the teams arrive at a corn maze. Until TJ suddenly overwhelms everyone with his booming voice and hallucinogenic lights, as if it were Night 1 at Coachella. Tori and Devin arrive first after another sprint through the maze, sending the other two pairs right into the elimination round. And a Challenge classic, Balls In, is being played.

Jordan and Aneesa put up a fierce fight, but when Aneesa’s knee gives out, Nany pulls on the injured ankle, sending her opponent toppling over in agony. Jordan and Aneesa are permanently eliminated from the game when Nany and Bananas win the elimination.

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Although it is sad to witness the defeat, Nany was only trying to win. But Aneesa is a formidable foe. Sure, she wasn’t exactly up for this marathon-style final, but if she and Jordan had advanced to the Final 2, they would have won it all. There is no exhausting last day this time. Don’t consume animal organs.

No ascent of a dangerously high rock face. One last time. Arena. The previous two partners compete in a grueling final match that appears to be utterly tiring as night falls again. The teams must navigate four challenges-filled chambers to reach a huge lever in the center. Pull the lever to win $1,000,000!

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After taking an early lead, Bananas and Nany are stopped cold by a concrete block puzzle. After tearing down their first attempt and starting over, they eventually failed after burying a crucial component in the construction.

Along with disassembling the puzzle, Devin and Tori also moved quickly through an area filled with sand and another with tangled chains. The deal is sealed when they pull the lever, and Tori and Devin win The Challenge: Ride or Dies for the first time!

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